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April 06, 2017, 16:06
Client called this morning. Her uncle died followed by aunt leaving estate to her three sisters as their only child had died. Auction company is tagging everything for an estate auction and there are quite a few guns. Auction company is reputed for starting auctions an hour or two early if enough people are there and lead with the better items. Usually most or all all of the early birds are their friends, family and dealers of various items they have a side deal with. Often an item that would have brought a $1,000 an hour after announced time will sell for $150 90 minutes before announced start time. Its just a few auction companies but there are jerks in all industries though I know some really good folk in the business, Just have to check your vendors reputation and don't let them start early and these folk are overwhelmed.

This is a no reserve auction with sellers right to sell an item early. Just to keep the auctioneer somewhat honest I made an opening offer in writing on every gun. I advised them to hold it out till verified what it was. If not able to tell them to let it gavel off, I am on the hook for it even if it has to be cut into pieces. I just wasn't sure and the auction companies "expert" gun appraiser was scared to pick it up, They have no idea if the deceased gentleman has papers and are frantically looking through every piece of paperwork in estate for tax stamp after showing them what the BATFE forms look like as happened to have a couple of toys in the truck today. Can anyone tell me what this is? Hope its good to list and sells as I don't own a single roung of 5.45x39.

Commie Guns are not my strong suit, especially anything not 7.62x39. The pictures should tell the story. The four position switch looks important and actually looks like a part is missing that if found and dropped in might make the switch functional so they are looking for anything that looks like small gun parts. Three 70+ year old ladies don't need this headache but the properly licensed dealer I called said if they don't find paperwork and it is an NFA item he will do some legwork with dot gov if asked. Said if is NFA and is legally registered with dates on it BATFE can likely cross reference the numbers if all is legit. This may just be an oddity but if not I would rather torch it myself than these nice people get in trouble. Hope the bidders come out as don't want most of his guns but at my opening price won't get hurt if nobody bids.














April 06, 2017, 16:56
Polish Tantal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FB_Tantal) on a NoDak spud semi receiver, built by some service in Stone Mtn, GA (can't make out who and no guess).

Value? Like almost every other AK it's a kit build so, the builder's reputation often sets the price.

As parts, $500 + another $1-200 for the receiver. If the builder is well known it may be pushing $1000 complete. and if the left side selector is functional, maybe $50-100 more.


April 06, 2017, 16:56
It's a Polish Tantal kit built on an NDS (Nodak) receiver. Tantal parts kits with US barrels can be bought for around $460, more valuable with an original Polish barrel. NDS receiver is $90. Looks like the builder marked it on the front left hand side but I can't make it out, the rivets look ugly in my opinion. The switch is an ambi safety but from the pics. I can't tell what (if anything) is missing. I wouldn't chop it up, if you want to sell it as parts I would drill out the rivets & sell as a parts kit & bare receiver, however I don't see any reason why it couldn't be sold as is.

April 06, 2017, 17:20
Actually just discovered was a Nodak kit by searching old files threads. Just made the call to tell them it's o.k. to let run in auction. If doesn't bring a bid exceeding $401 then it will be mine and not cut up. Will be sold in manner to get best money. Funny how drilling down into Files archives worked better than Google Fu.

April 06, 2017, 19:32
Was just talking about these last night.
BEWARE, Some Tantal US builds used US MADE 22LR barrels and they keyhole at 25 yards.

April 06, 2017, 20:49
Was just talking about these last night.
BEWARE, Some Tantal US builds used US MADE 22LR barrels and they keyhole at 25 yards.

A lot of those were the earlier Century Tantals. How do I know? From terrible experience!:uhoh: Yep, they used .224 barrels as opposed to the .221 needed.