View Full Version : Browning A bolt trigger spring replacement

April 03, 2017, 03:18
hi guys,

has anyone replaced the trigger spring on their A bolt? It's a bit heavy, I've had the gun store check and lube it which has helped but I think it's probably sitting at around 3 and 1/2 pounds and it's the lightest it can adjusted.

there are several spring replacements out there but I'm struggling to easily find one that will post to Australia. Would I dare consider cutting one or two leaves from the factory spring that the rifle came with or is that idea plain stupid?

if anyone has fitted after market springs I'd love to hear from you. I'm shooting great groups, but have read that groups will tighten further with a friendlier trigger at around 2lbs. Unless I get some solid feed back I might just leave my 308 win Browning as is. thanks in advance guys.

April 03, 2017, 13:25
A Bolt, or A Bolt II, A Bolt III ?

From what I can gather, the spring kits from Timney will only work with the early A Bolt, not II or III or maybe just not the III.
Midway has best price, but unsure about shipping to the "down under". That goes for all rifle parts I would guess.

Rifle Basix has an A Bolt spring, but it's a single spring with nearly the same price and the Timney has better reviews.

Brownell's has the Timney spring kit, but probably the same shipping restrictions, not sure.
Maybe you can order from one of their non US shops like the UK?
www.brownells.no (Norway)
www.brownells.es (Spain)
www.brownells.it (Italy)
www.brownells.co.uk (UK)
www.brownells.fr (France)
www.brownells.ch (Swiss)
www.brownells.fi (Finland)
www.brownells.se (Sweden)
www.brownells-deutschland.de (Germany)
www.brownells-russia.com (Russia)

I don't think cutting a spring is any more than mild insanity, but it is a good idea to do it on a spare spring, not the original, lest you put your shooter out of commission. Done that. :facepalm:

Original equipment spring from Brownell's if you want to put you spring clipping skills to work for a lot cheaper. UK store maybe?