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March 30, 2017, 11:14
My new builds coated to match. The 1911 is built on an 80% lower.http://i.imgur.com/82kUVv9l.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/MpkGzYCl.jpg

March 30, 2017, 11:52
Nice pair.

March 30, 2017, 16:18
That's some serious candle power you got going on there with your AR, nice looking pair.


March 30, 2017, 17:33
Almost finished these three additional 6.8 uppers today but ran out of proper size suppressor adapters.


Out of this pile of five AAC 51T adapters, not a one the size needed but will pick up at LGS in morning, drop in forward assists on the two 16" then mate to lowers already built and have a bakers dozen 6.8's completed.


Have gotten less and less attached to weapons mounted lights. If encounter a light at night it's going to be my aiming point for first round. Mount more I.R. laser aiming devices than visible light devices. Older and slower I get, more advantage I need.

Nice looking builds. Are the sights on 1911 tritium and how does under barrel light interact with them? Looks like AR sights cowitness with optic and laser is offset just enough sights are not blocked. Is it visible light spectrum or I.R. laser?

March 30, 2017, 19:46
I built 2 sets of these, one for my son and one for my daughter. His is FDE, her's is ODG. The AR is absolute co-witness the Lasers are IR/HVG, the light is 775 lumen. The 1911 has tritiums and 600 lumen surefire. I own 180 acres of heavily wooded property,1/4 river bottom that my children and I hog hunt and perform regular night/day hikes on. I have passed on the training I received as a 101st Airborne Ranger of 24 yrs. EVERYONE in my family has his or her own NV headgear.
Weapon lights are most functional in CQB situations. If you put a rnd. at or close to a light at any distance.... you just gave away your position.... I guess that would be a matter of opinion, but I managed to make it through Panama, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. http://i.imgur.com/coI8b4yl.jpg

March 30, 2017, 19:53
This is my wifes' "Chris Kyle" tribute AR and 1911 she and I build from an 80% lower. A friend of ours did the laser engraving.http://i.imgur.com/93ZPpOXl.jpg

March 30, 2017, 23:39
I wasn't dissing your lights, just that I had gone a different direction. As far as giving away position I would hope my first round would be the decisive one unless engaged a family on their property travelling in a pack which I doubt would happen as dont wander others property without permission. Also would like to think could recognize outnumbered and if don't have huge tactical advantage of cover and decisive fire power would lay up and let the group pass. Was raised on 160 acres, surrounded three sides with 3,000 acre wildlife management area and other side 800 acres of Inland Rome timber land thus basically in a 5,000 acre bubble. No 24 years of the "one o worst", just two years of college ROTC then a Jimmy Carter administration 4F in his attempt to neuter our military. At this point most of my chances of encounter are urban in nature. Have gone to schools and instructed at schools but not in military patrolling.

Till fairly recently, mounted lights on all of my CQB rifles and use the FBI technique with handguns but most recent class taught the Harries Flashlight Technique which is very similar to the FBI technique. Amazes me how fluid and rapidly tactical training evolves. My most recent touch up was in structure clearing with simunitions and if using a light to not have on weapon and in weak hand held away from body.

I would not recommend mounting your flashlight on your pistol.

This causes the major problem of pointing a loaded gun at everything you shine your light on. If your 16-year-old son is sneaking in the basement and you run down there to shine a light to see who it is, I doubt you want to point the loaded firearm at your kid.

Since you’re not going to have a light on the gun, you need to learn one of several flashlight shooting techniques. By far, the most popular technique is the “Harries” method. It was developed in the 1970’s by Mike Harries, a former Marine.

Simply put, if you’re a right-handed shooter you grab the flashlight with your left hand in the “ice pick” grip. In other words, the way you’re holding the flashlight should allow you to strike downward with force as if you’re stabbing someone. Also, your left thumb operates the pressure switch on the end of the flashlight.

Once you have a solid grip on the light, bring your left hand underneath the gun and put your hands back to back. When you are doing this do not cross your hand in front of a loaded gun, make sure and bring the light underneath the pistol and not in front of it. Maintain pressure bringing both your wrists and the back of your hands together.

I can’t talk about flashlight techniques without mentioning the FBI technique. This is where you hold the flashlight in the “ice pick” grip up in the air and away from your body. The theory behind this technique is that you’ll disorient an attacker because they won’t know where you’re at and if they shoot at the light they won’t hit you. This technique is good for clearing a room, but if you have to hold the flashlight for an extended period of time your arm becomes tired very quickly.

You need to figure out what works best for you. Also, don’t forget to practice reloads and clearing malfunctions with the flashlight. If you use a lanyard with your light you can simply let it drop and hang from your wrist when reloading. However, if you don’t use a lanyard, you’ll need to practice putting the light under your armpit with the light facing to the rear, when doing these exercises.

In addition to dry firing at home, don’t forget to take your flashlight to the range with you to practice these different techniques because you never know when a window will break at 3am and you’ll be extremely happy you learned one of these simple flashlight techniques.

Am seldom going to be patrolling large areas anymore. Whether at home or part time security at most it's a limited size structure clearing event or self defense situation on the street. Today I probably pulled my flashlight out at work a dozen times. If mounted on my gun would look odd and be odd trying to point my pistol in recesses of an engine bay or inside an electronics enclosure while twisting a screwdriver or wrench in the other hand. My belt has light for daily use and my vests have a light in pouch. Only variation is my tactical shotguns have lights that have been meticulously chosen so that at most distances of 50 yards and under the light lands at point of impact of #4 buck and size of beam at any distance under 50 yards is size of shot pattern. Also have a couple short AR's with small lights that hit center of point of lights aim on pressure switch for intruder in house.

Now live on a 2 acre semi residential lot. If leave the house to go outside wife would be using monitors from night vision cameras to feed me Intel via helmet mounted headset using my private business band frequency with a Motorola chip so that scrambles the signal between us so scanners get nothing but chirps and whine. She would also be sitting over a rifle with Gen 2+ CGT night vision backing me up as moved. Entirely different concept from patrolling large tract and controlling herds of wild hogs. Did not say your setup was "wrong" just different than mine currently based on a different situation.

Was in no way critiquing your light, it's no toy and why I asked questions. I like to learn "why" someone else chose a different setup to determine if my tactics are due for review. If I had hogs ripping up my property suddenly blinding them in a strong light as started working through the pack would be an option. Only place I do eradicate hogs we use 6.8's with suppressors, Barnes 110 grain Triple Shock copper solids and thermal scopes. Always a group of us and idea of encountering hostile persons is very low on our list of potential issues. Two guys in group carry suppressed, digital I.R. night vision turn bolts in 300 B.O. but it's what they own.

Currently own about half dozen pistols with under barrel pic rails and never mounted a light. All have tritium sights and me trained for most of life in FBI technique. Why I asked how the two interact with each other, not tried it so can't say if your way or mine is better but asking questions leads to information that might encourage me to try a pic rail light on a pistol someday.

March 31, 2017, 20:58
Please accept my apology. It's been a crappy week, and adjusting to civilian life is no easy task, I think it's an awakening that all lifers have to face.
The Tritium is to me the only way to go, I've tried most brands, but always go back to trijicons, mainly for the white outlines, for daylight target acquisition, and the tritium is just right for no light situations. Most of my pistols have surefire lights, and they are useful at times, BUT, after flaming that 600 lumens in any area indoors or out, it impairs your vision, and even temporarily, that is no good. I have surefire and streamlight 750's that are easy pocket carry lights, but are expensive lil items. The other down side is the carry aspect, eagle ind. makes a nice thigh rig that allows for light equipped sidearms.
As for the rifle mounted lights, our M4's had surefire 600's mounted for house clearing, but only when used when your presence was known, trust me after a squad of 8-12 troops clear a dozen houses the town or village know feel your presence, thats when you light them up.
I know this sounds like a lot of work, but its work it. I am an iron sight man, always have been, the absolute co-witness sight is great with my aging eyesight too, but during my builds I remove my A2 front post and A2 rear aperture, put them in my vise, center punch marks in them then drill the marks with a #50 wire gauge drill bit. a 1/16' is plenty, then fill patiently a small touch at a time with a good quality phosphorescent. It takes a few layers to fill the small holes,allowing 5 minutes or so between layers , the cover just the white dots with clear fingernail polish. On the rear aperture, I drill one hole on each side of the large hole. Just a small amount of light will create a glow for an hour or so. Sure helps me in the daylight too.http://i.imgur.com/4ih6ADBl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ru4Gifcl.jpgAgain I apologize for coming across as a dick. I think I have some knowledge to share, and capacity to learn and try new ideas too.

Near Sighted Sniper
March 31, 2017, 23:55
Albatross, are these Duracoated or Ceracoated???
Spray painted??

I'm looking to camo/color one of my AR's just looking for some advice.

April 01, 2017, 07:08
Thank you for your service to our country. Great looking projects!

April 01, 2017, 10:01
I knew you misinterpreted my post and also appreciate your service more than can express. Never even thought you were rude or took personally, this is the internet and thick skin better come with its use or pull plug your ISP before last feeling or nerve gets damaged. No harm, no foul friend. Feel free to smack me around if feel it's warranted. Hard to learn from parrots, free exchange of differing opinions is where learning begins. Oh, I ramble and pontificate...

Have two friends having a rough go of adjusting to civilian life right now. One had 22 years with full intent to go his full 30. As ranking noncom of his platoon on patrol in Afghanistan was last man on ground covering his men being evacuated from a crappy situation. Jumped on last bird as lifted off, was just getting feet off skid when an RPG caused pilot to make erratic maneuver and he fell about 20 to 30 feet to the ground. Was wearing IOTV armor with SAPI ceramic rifle plates and at base of vest, armor pinched and twisted his back rupturing three disks. Uncle Sugar rewarded his 22 years with a medical discharge. Spends most of his time either in line at V.A., filling out forms for V.A., or in total misery from back pain. Instead of planned 30 year retirement he got the 20 year plan with a little extra for disability. Don't get hurt during a democratic executive branch. Carter, Clinton, Nobama, etc loved to send you guys home with short end of the stick. He is hating the Oxycotin, roxycodone bandaid and back specialist who got me off that treadmill after nine years has taken him as a free patient. Dang decent of the doc and hopefully buddy will be able to work through his issues like me and get off the narcotic merry go round to alow second career in law enforcement.

Back on topic. Got addicted to flashlights, as worked my way through the $100, $200 and more per unit price point and from 200, 500 to 1,000 lumen plus power range learned a few things that applied to my personal taste. Discovered brighter the light, longer it took eyes to recover from their use. Now prefer dual power lights with max output of 250/300 lumens and low power at about half that. Keep a big light in all vehicles, headlamp so can work with both hands and some fire starters around that will burn holes in Superman if turned wide open. Could see lighting up a group of hogs with a huge torch then letting the group chow down, especially if the players can't or won't pay for good night vision. Other night got some of my old Gen 1 and 1+ Russian gear out and laughed at concept that at one time thought it was the coolest thing ever owned. Considered selling but stuff is burly and packed away in Faraday boxes with other early generation N.V. in case EMP eats all my good stuff, it will beat an old fashioned stick wrapped in oily rags.

As mentioned have lights on some rifles and scatter guns, most of my truck rifles and a few house rifles have small lights just to know have one if grab long gun in my skivies as hop out of bed or realize daily carry belt light is at end of its charge. All of my carry 1911's and SIG 2022's have tritium sights.

Compact Nickle ships with tritium, Target doesn't but sent back to SIG custom shop to have front post swapped to tritium. Unless pistol ships with full tritium, often just swap the front as if in a hurry soon as push front sight on target going to squeeze it off without ever looking for rear sights. At pistol fight distances can remove rears and not be seriously disadvantaged.



Without cracking vault, these are my current carry 1911's that are unlocked for distribution around home or carry. Today am carrying the STX as primary and Compact as backup. The big Tacops was my first SIG 1911 purchased as a suppressor host. Loved everything about it except rail. Really like the extractor design and SIG custom shop. Send pistol to have it tweaked to exact specs want and still a factory gun. Only holsters had that fit the Tacops were my JackSlide's and the rail drug on them. Did try a light and laser on it for grins which complicated holster choice even more and didn't offer me any advantage. Had to buy three synthetic holsters just to function properly with the under barrel rail.

Under stress draw, push into weak hand, soon as front sight centers target, squeeze. Loved the big SIG so much otherwise, now own seven of their 1911's in under two years and looking for more. Want a sub compact and a Max Michael (to build into full unlimited race gun) to round out 45's plus some minor caliber and 357 SIG chambered versions. When find something I like have tendency to buy a full sampling of product line, reason stuck around here still trying to round out an FAL collection plus collective knowledge across the board is better than sights with 100x more active posters. Castboolits dot com may be only watering hole that comes close.


Even with buying the rectangular shaped, off center bore of the Osprey suppressors discovered the SIG 2022 factory tritium sights didn't clear top of a can. Priced the SIG tall sights and Trijicon, both were way expensive so odered a set of Meprolight tritiums for one and now all three of my 2022 threaded barrel pistols have the Mepro's as cost difference paid for the specialty tool for swapping SIG sights and left money in my pocket. My addiction is expensive and have to save when can. If were not an addict could retire but rather work to feed the habit. Only been three years since purchased my first polymer framed pistol and now have six SIG 2022's mixed in 40 and 9mm with at least a pair of 357's on list to add as find deals. All my Colts, Randalls, Detonics and customs are now living happily in vaults with carry duty split between SIG 1911's and 2022's. Had same holster issue with the 2022 models but what the hey, man needs to try new holster technology every couple of decades.


Put a set of Trijicon tritium sights on another SKS a couple weeks ago. All my AK friends think am nuts till run one of my little "commie guns" themselves. Tapcon trigger, extended butt pad, 20 round fixed box magazine, tritium sights and a big bag of stripper clips loaded with cast bullets at range or steel core/corrosive primed suplus from the day. Under 200 yards and especially inside fence line of my house (75 yard longest shot) a person with one or two of my little "commie guns" and about 100 strippers in a bag never has to worry about magazine swaps, running out of loaded mags, reloading mags and with the 20 round metal box mag can top off the rifle before you run it dry. Carried one in LGS recently to have employees and customers begging to buy. Was getting offers that would have purchased a nice AR off the rack.

Big bag o strippers, decent trigger, the tritium sights and these jewels save huge weight over an AK and rack of magazines. Sold another AK few weeks ago, can get more for pre 84 AK's than they are worth to me.


Stopped by LGS to pick up six sets of Burris rings for AR builds either finished or near finished. That's just for ones getting scopes as all the red dots came with mounts. My 74 year old mom stopped by work yesterday and noticed three complete AR's and pile of uppers. Counted eleven uppers either finished or near finished. Most lowers for them are done or nerve complete so she saw 14 AR's. Luckily mom kidnapped two of the completed builds but she is smart and conned me out of a dozen magazines and 1,200 rounds of ammo. She didn't even offer to pay for them. How's that for a set of nads on an old woman? (For you jailhouse lawyers, nothing says can't gift guns to my mom) Buying glass is killing me, especially when require all my red dot rifles to cowitness with iron sights so if the two agree know where bullet is going.

So yes, I have a problem and local Guns Anonymous chapter disbanded and joined the gun club. Yes I have a personal opinion of what works for me. Is it whats best for others? Probably not as have unique option to reach for exact tool for each job. Next to headboard of bed is a rack with a red dot on 14.7" 6.8, 6x Gen 2+ CGT on 16" W.O.A. Wylde match barrel, Thor Thermal on 16" hammer forged 5.56, 16" short gas suppressed FAL with 1-4x and red dot, M1a with tritium and "The Meat Grinder" (one of three named guns, two scatter guns, one my 7mm Practical) which is a Browning A5 with +8 extension loaded every other round #4 buck and flechette. 13 rounds of 12 gage mixed buck and flechette will create ground beef pretty fast. Now your properly introduced to the court jester and resident lunatic. My poor wife sure is a forgiving woman and better keep her since tolerates my dumb @$$.

April 02, 2017, 06:20
Finished a 6.8 and a 5.56 build yesterday and brought home to stick in vault, laser bore sighted them and tagged to sight in when have time. Opened the doors and couldn't find room to stash without risking vault marks on some nice rifles. Unfortunately or fortunately as closing up the office my AR room looked like this.

Six uppers either complete or just a few minutes each from completion.


The White Oak boxes in rear have multiples which total another 11 barrels in the build stack.


Keep all the lowers in a vault as that's the part that BATF may ask about if went missing. These things sure are less trouble when just piles of parts. Once assembled just another kitchen table build requiring additional vault storage. After church going to look at a 60 rifle vault.

Guy sold his house and had vault built into new house so no interest in moving. Was going to leave vault for new home owners but they are totally freaked about a "gun safe" inside their home. Apparently even safes are now evil and say it has to be gone before close on house. He told them could use for storing valuables, electronics, wine, books or anything but these people are such socially engineered liberals said if not gone, would not close. With any luck just offering to have it gone by tomorrow will get it for free. He has dropped asking price from $900 to $150 in three weeks. It's only 14 gauge wall, 3/16" door, 8 locking bolts and 30 minute 1,200 degree fire rated but if stick in a corner and add an extra inch of vermiculite may be o.k. for piles of kitchen table AR's. The nice rifles in other vaults would defiantly appreciate some extra breathing room.

April 13, 2017, 07:31
Another box of barrels arrived from W.O.A. and two more boxes inbound. Found a deal on SIG uppers and added six to the pile cheap as Palmetto blems. Also got three more Aero FDE uppers and now need to match them up with lowers and barrels then start into another group. Still saving my last few Mag Tactical billet magnesium uppers for special projects. Just finishing up getting last pile of uppers on lowers. Had two shipments of red dots arrive, another inbound and picked up a half dozen sets of Burris rings at LGS. For moment only thing short on is triggers, scopes and vault space. Last four won't fit no matter how try restacking safes not counting the ones that stay out for duty use. Looked at three safes from Craigslist but one was too fubar by owner forgetting combination and trying to open by beating dial off and attacking lock with blunt instruments and power tools, other two were too difficult to remove from current location. While wouldn't wish it, another AR panic would not hurt in divesting myself in some of the lower end builds have lost interest in.


April 13, 2017, 15:11
This morning had opportunity to go sight in a few red dots that got mounted on rifles which scopes were already tweaked but waiting for the dots. One was the 22 Nosler build that uses 6.8 magazines. Only have a dozen or so 15 round 6.8 mags and all are black. Wrapped a 25 round 6.8 mag in "chickenflauge" to distinguish it as "the one" for 22 Nosler. For the hot-rod round, 25 rounders are ju8st going to torch the throat if mag dump them and wanted something to distinguish the rifles magazines. Did some research and read where lots of people were using Lancer L5's in 458. 6.8, 270 AR and more with good success if didn't stack them full. With 458 guys were saying stuff them about half full and would run fine. With 6.8 spc II was reading could go about 2/3 full with no issues.

Purchased six 20 round Lancer L5's in FDE. Always liked them as only polymer magazine trust in life or death situation. Bodies are built tough and the metal feed lips won't deform under pressure. Loaded two with ten rounds of 22 Nosler and two with ten rounds of 6.8 spc II. Both ten mag loads of the 22 Nosler ran perfectly and locked bolt back on last round. Each magazine of 6.8 was run in a separate rifle and both cycled 10 rounds of 6.8 flawlessly and locked bolt back. At ten rounds the fat 22 Noslers was feeling some resistance pushing in last two rounds. The 6.8's pushed in easily to the ten round mark. Will experiment more with higher round counts of 6.8 in the Lancers but ten rounds of 22 Nosler is more than adequate for vaporizing ground hogs and coyote. Having a fit all magazine option is nice though intend only to use for 22 Nosler and will always know the rifle that munches fatties uses the FDE Lancers.

Well built, solid and good looking magazines.


Fit nicely in rifle even with my Israeli FAB magazine wells, Pmags have to almost bet into a rifle with these funnels, all my aluminum, stainless and the Lancers almost jump in by themselves.


Notice how well point of 22 Nosler bullet is oriented. Rifle picks them up and feeds them effortlessly.


April 13, 2017, 16:35
How dificult was the 80% 1911 to build? I've looked into it but kind of expensive for all the different jigs just to build a couple of them. I'm curious to find out what jigs you use.

April 19, 2017, 11:42
How dificult was the 80% 1911 to build? I've looked into it but kind of expensive for all the different jigs just to build a couple of them. I'm curious to find out what jigs you use.

I use Matrix Precision Jigs and tools. Around $750 for everything needed to complete an 80% lower, for barrel fitting, etc. I have used several different lowers, but prefer the Heavy Armament Div. lowers and Wilson combat parts.
This is a project you may want to ease into with cheaper tools and parts as I did. If you turn out a few nice ones, then step up in tools and parts.