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June 11, 2002, 14:51
I've just joined today, although I've had my Imbel M-444 for a few months now and have been very pleased with it. I have had plenty of opportunities to use FALs in the field while in the service and have always thought them the best of the 7.62mm battle rifles. I glad to have access to such a diverse group of shooters and resources as I've found here.

My questions are all accuracy related and I hope they're not too simplistic.

The next FAL I'm looking to pick up is either DSA Medium Contour or Bull Barrel. I tend to favor the Bull Barrel in the accuracy department based on my experiences with heavy bbl bolt guns, however, I've heard that the Medium Contour is more accurate. I'm looking for subMOA with match ammo - is this an impossible dream with and FAL?

Next question - scopes. For CQB and general combat I'm thinking about the ELCAN for the Imbel I currently have. Any opinions?

For the accuracy gun I'm leaning toward the Trjicon AccuPoint 3x9x40 for all around use - short, medium and long range. Is this selling the rifle short in terms of glass? Is a Tasco SS or a Leupold MK4 what I need for accuracy shooting on this platform?

Last question - trigger work. Can anything be done to improve the trigger on the FAL? Most of what I've read and heard so far says no. I do know that having a Match Grade trigger on a service rifle seems to be a typically American obsession - are there any smiths that do such work?

Thanks for the indulgence for the newbie,


June 11, 2002, 15:09
First of all - WELCOME to the obsession!!!!!

It sounds like you need to talk to Ed Vanden Berg: Vanden Berg Custom (http://www.vandenbergcustom.com) .

For around the price of the DSA you can get Ed to build you up a custom job with match-grade barrel of your choice, the strongest (and one of the few true) free-floated handguards out there, and a trigger job (among other things).

You might want to wait a couple of days, though - he's finishing up one for me and I don't want you to disturb him :D

My only direct experience with him is that he's patiently and politely (and timely) answered all of my many questions I've hit him with, and he's right on schedule as far as his quoted lead time. From what I've heard of his work you won't be disappointed. Many people have made sub MOA with his guns and some good handloads.

As for scopes go I can't help you much - I got rid of a Leapers in favor of a Leupold and I haven't tried anything since.

For trigger work you can do yourself - you can polish the engagement surfaces to get a better "feel" and people have swapped and/or clipped springs to get a lighter pull. If you start messing with springs make sure you have extras because you're almost guaranteed to go "too far" at least once. FSE is reportedly working on a match trigger setup, or like I said above, Ed can do some magic for you as well.

Hope that helps -


PS - where did you use the FAL in "the service"???

June 11, 2002, 15:38
I hadn't considered the option of a custom Bull bbl. I'll hold off bugging Ed so he can finish your job for you - that's only fair!

I actually had quite a few chances to use FAL and FAL clone rifles while overseas with 5th SFG. Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa as well. While I haven't been to all the contries that fielded FAL type rifles, I've been to a few. Being in SF gave me the opportunity to handle, fire and field with a lot of weapons I'd only ever seen pictures of in books. Having worked with M14s, G3s and FALs, I have to say that I always had good experiences with it.

Maybe it was watching Hardy Krueger use one in "The Wild Geese" when I was a kid!

Thanks for the lead and the welcome


June 11, 2002, 15:59
Welcome Wolf1/1


Looks like I got this reply to you in the wrong thread...OOOps
Oh Well!
You may see the "ask me about the Mason/Dixon FAL Collector's Ass'n" tag line on several member's posts. ANd you may well ask???

The M/D FAL C A is a loose organization of regional members located in some proximity to the PA/MD line. Some fellas are from S. Central to NE PA, some from VA, and some from DC area. Meeting place is right here, unless there is a shoot being hosted by one of us, somewhere. Pretty much from Mid-Atlantic region!

Activities, so far, have been two annual shoots, and an ammo group buy. AS a rule, there are no rules, no dues, no cards, and no restictions.

I have the "North" region on an e-mail list, and IIRC, either Farmer from Hell or gary.jeter have a list for the South. Saves some confusion to keep it regional.

Our last meet was attended by 27 shooters, from mebbe 5 states. see attached image below.

Any further ?, feel free to e-mail me. To get on the list(s), same deal, just e- me w/your location, and I'll se you get sent in the proper direction. The e- list pretty much mirrors what goes on here, w/the exception of some details that are naturally to be held more secure.

Once again...welcome aboard!


June 12, 2002, 07:51
Deltaten I'll contact you directly for the more sensitive details. I'm right outside Baltimore, People's Kleptocratic Republic of Maryland.

Thanks for the welcome and the info