View Full Version : Ugh, I'm "in like" with a Glock

Timber Wolf
March 26, 2017, 18:12
And I feel kinda dirty. I've had/have several Glocks over the years, and most of them shot pretty good, but nothing really special. And they are so ugly and have that funny grip and stuff. Anyway, a nice deal came along on a very lightly used Gen 4 G34 a while back and I bit on it. I could not hit a bull in the butt standing in the stall with him using the G34. It had some high dollar after market sights on it the previous owner had installed; they did not work for me in the least.

Well last month I worked as an RO at a Glock match, the kind that they send a sho-nuff Glock Armorer to. Because you know Glocks are perfect and such so they make real sure everybody is happy. I presented the offending G34 to said Armorer and asked if he would put the factory sights back on. He offered to go one better and install new factory adjustable sights. I agreed to his kind offer and it was done, no charge. Took it back to the plate bay and proceeded to clean the plate rack 6 shots for 6 plates. Then I did it again 7 shots for 6 plates. I was a happy camper.

Fast forward to today, and a 2 Gun match here-abouts. I took the G34 and dang if it ainít a dadgum laser in my hands. We had one stage that required two hits to the body and one to the head. I nailed the head shot every time easy-peasy. I shoot OK, but I donít shoot any one thing enough to get good with it. This dang Glock (that I have not shot much to begin with) was nailing Aís all day. How can I face my XDm and explain all this?:facepalm:

March 26, 2017, 20:07
Nice! I did not know they made adjustable factory sites...my bad. Also if U have not tried it get some Talon Grips or skater tape, DIY & U will find the Glock feels about 200% better in Ur hand. That's my personal experience, maybe U have tried it, for me it makes the gun feel so much more secure & easy to shoot.

March 28, 2017, 21:34
My 34 feels like cheating. I tend to use the 17 for everything. They are excellent tools. I am getting ready for Camp Perry next year. So i have been spending alot of time with my M9.
The Glock is still by far my first love.