View Full Version : My G1 kit is almost there...

mountain man
June 11, 2002, 10:31
Well, its coming along right nicely now. I have the locking shoulder coming from the nice folks at gunthings, the barrel timed perfectly with only about half an hour of careful filing on the shoulder, and the old rifle is looking pretty nice. By the way, the new Hesse receiver has a very nice finish, the parts all fit with no tweaking necessary, and I can say that this particular piece is as nice as I've seen. I wanted to ask if anyone has tried the following: Bore out the inside of the stock flashhider to .585 or so (the OD of the barrel) and slide it on OUTSIDE of the barrel, so that it becomes a legal, dummy flashhider that preserves the lines of the barrel. I don't have the part in my hand right now to measure and see if that would be particularly feasible, but I just had the idea here at the office while taking my mornng coffee break, and thought I'd ask the vast body of experts out there. My brother in law just shot my L1A1 yesterday, and he is drooling over the FAL now. I may have just created a new falophile...:D

MM in NM
June 11, 2002, 12:10
The way I understand it is that you don't have to worry about boring out the G1 flash hider to set it back on the barrel because the G1 barrel is un-threaded and it's the threads on the barrel that's the evil feature.. You do still have to nueter the "flash hider" feature but Tapco sells a sleived G1 hider or you could do it yourself.