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June 10, 2002, 21:32
I just received a set of FSE metric H,T,S. The hammer and trigger are each marked "M02" and the sear is marked "M3". Is this the latest series and if not, is the M02 hammer in the series that had problems with breakage? Any info. on this will be appreciated.

June 10, 2002, 21:38
I would not worry about it. Mr Shinn is good on replacing broke/defective parts. He will contact you about fixing the problem.

June 10, 2002, 22:22
I believe you have the latest production. The M02 hammer replaced the original, a few of which broke, and the M3 is the newest sear which is slightly longer than the M02 sear. This is the set up that I have in my ARS FAL and through several hundred rounds of SA, Port., Taiwan, USGI, and Spanish ammo, they have been perfect. BTW, Harold Shinn will take care of you, should you have any problems.

June 11, 2002, 00:01
yes that is the newest set. he just re did the sears so they would hold the hammer down a little lower like the original sear, so as to strike those hard portugese primers harder!

Harold Shinn
June 11, 2002, 06:21

Yes, you have the most current version of the FSE metric h/t/s. If you should ever have any problems you can contact me at hshinn@mindspring.com

These are best versions I have made to date. They should be a drop in fit. The trigger pull should generally feel at least as good if not better than the original military parts.

If anyone with the FSE h/t/s parts has any problems, please let me know. Things such as: trigger not resetting (rare); excessively heavy or creepy pull (uncommon, but does happen); wrong parts shipped (inch/metric mixed); hammer breakage (have not had a single instance since upgrading to "M 02" hammer specification); sear nose too short (had some "M 02" sears with this, only a few reported problems - resolved with "M 3" sear); doubling or hammer dropping on trigger reset(combination of shallow sear engagement cut in hammer and short sear - have had several reported cases - when it happens it usually occurs within the first 50-100 rounds - alway resolved by replacement of hammer and sear to current specs.) I can usually fix any of these problems, if they occur. I will always support any original purchaser of my h/t/s sets. Contacting me at my e-mail address is the best way to get help, if you need it.

Best regards,

Harold Shinn/FSE

Harold Shinn/FSE

June 11, 2002, 14:59
Where can I purchase a set of FSE H/T/S???

Harlan at FAC
June 11, 2002, 15:53

p/n FSE01 metric $49.95
p/n FSE02 inch $49.95

June 11, 2002, 18:58
No website? Who else sells U.S. made H/T/S kits?

June 11, 2002, 21:50
Thanks to all who replied!

Harold - thanks for again showing why you've earned such a great reputation for customer service. But I doubt I'll have any problems as I've heard that your latest versions are the best U.S. parts currently available.

KY23 - DSA and Enterprise both make U.S. H,T,S, but they each sell their sets for double the FSE price. Also, DSA's are not presently marked as U.S. made, although that is supposed to change in the fall. Considering that Gunplumber now uses FSE parts in his builds, I think that FSE is the way to go.

June 11, 2002, 21:55
I believe GunThings.com also has them for around $49.00

June 12, 2002, 00:25
Moses has these on sale now in Marketplace for $49 shipped I believe.


Harlan at FAC
June 12, 2002, 08:30
Website for FAC is at www.gunsnstuff.net