View Full Version : Some decent priced AR parts

March 15, 2017, 17:43
Like the title says they just sent this today .



March 16, 2017, 11:50
Thanks, may have just found my new lightweight Pew-Pew barrel. :)

Anyone got a Faxxon barrel story to tell?

March 16, 2017, 12:52
Never seen a bad one (yet) and believe most all are melonite/nitride treated which adds 5,000 rounds to barrel life in most cases. Fax on is barrel of choice in 14.7" defensive rifles or anytime wamt a known mid quality barrel that wont regret, ever. Unless Palmetto running good clearance on comparable product, will sacrifice melonite for a $99 CHF FN barrel. Right now Palmetto has a 16" nitride HB for $79 and a 16" nitride pencil and standard M4 barrels for $99. Have used both and neither are "Freedom" line products. Who made them??? That's the $64 question. Might be FN or may be made in china on worn out lathe and hand button rifled by 12 year old orphan girls.

Whats your objective? Known standard of quality with good customer support or roll the dice on half price barrel that may be just o.k or possibly exceptional? I am a lucky one who has yet to get a bad Palmetto barrel but never buy "Freedom" line and only use price point barrels on price point guns that don't expect to shoot MOA or under out to 400 meters. Have two unbuilt SlideFire stocks that have been laying around for months. Soon as finish this post going to push the button on two of the 16" 1:7 H-Bar 4150 nitrided barrels at $79 each plus the 18" Wylde 1:7 stainless marked down from $229 to $89. May add one of the 18" 1:7 nitride barrels at $79 and a 16" 1:7 M4 at $99. Yes, that's a lot of barrels but can be put back as spares or built when bored without cost being a killer. Still have about two dozen receiver sets and did bolt carrier group inventory yesterday to realize actually nine 6.8 groups and seven 5.56 groups from doubling and tripling down when see good sale.