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Magpul New Release - Field Cases For iPhone 7 (http://bit.ly/2niYude) and 7 Plus

Magpul has just released their popular model Field Cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.The Magpul Field Case is designed as a semi-rigid cover for smartphones that provides basic protection for mobile device. Made from a flexible thermoplastic, The Field case feature PMAG-style ribs for grip and easy on/off snap-on design, and they easy to slide into pockets without snagging.

This is an iPhone 6 case has been modified to fit the iPhone 7 larger camera. They are moderately priced, offering better protection for being a "bump" case and offer good grip in hand just like M4 magazines. However, Magpul is always launch the new case for the newest iPhone and this is the comparable magpul case available at this time.

The modification to this case could probably the best iphone case on the market. The mod looks decent and is hard to tell that it didn't come out of the plastic mold looking that way. There is still has room to improve the hole expansion for the camera is a bit excessive. but it still keeps the lens from touching when you set the phone down so this is really an aesthetic preference. The bottom of the case has a port hole for plugging a headphone jack.

It's not a secret by now, Many users love Magpul's smartphone and tablet cases. The company just launched the Field case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, so luckily we have a great opportunity to use this field case on Apple's slimmest iPhone ever. And if you looking for more unique looking than the previous Field Case for the iPhone 6, then prepare for another round of repetition. Remarkably, Magpul has not changed the basic design of the Field Case (http://bit.ly/2niYude) since iPhone 3G. This tactical firearm accessory supplier is sticking to the iconic PMAG-inspired ribbed rifle magazine style for many years and we're fine with that. Because it's a design that really serves a practical purpose, this is one of the few protective iPhone cases on the market. It is because they focuses on providing the user with the best possible grip without any special coatings or unergonomic shapes. Certainly, Magpul's Field Case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is slimmer than before, yet familiar in all the design.

Generally speaking expensive cases are typically known to provide high quality and durability, but Magpul's American-made US$20 Field Case is very reasonable price. Like most other Magpul cases, you'll find the Field case in this simplistic and cardboard packaging, and in a wide range of tactical themed colors from standard black to outdoorsy hues like tan and olive drab and like another bright colors like orange, red, and pink. Pain color clear, white and blue aren't yet available, but it's just a matter of time Magpul will introduces more vibrant iphone case colors just as it has for all of its iPhone (http://bit.ly/2niYude), iPad and Android cases, respectively.

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