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March 11, 2017, 21:41
Hey All,

I have a h & r model 330 (fn commercial action) that had a bell and carson synthetic stock when I got it and I want to put her back in wood, preferably walnut. Anyone know where an as close to original style can be had or suggestions on what to go with? If anyone has an old commercial mauser stock that could be reconditioned into something nice that would be considered as well. I'm also thinking of a fixed power leupold scope as well. Thoughts? Thanks.

March 12, 2017, 10:19
You asked for suggestions, right? :D

I no longer do stock work due to time, patience and eyesight. If it were me, I'd ask around the LGS's about a skilled professional in gun wood and ask him to bed (glass) a semi-finished sporter stock to finish myself. You could have him do a "Hunter grade" or whatever fancy finish if you like.

Your H&R has a fairly light profile barrel if I remember correctly and would require a stock that hasn't had the channel opened up yet to get a good fit.
Most any 98 Mauser stock should fit, but I would ask the Wood Butcher for his recommendations as he probably has dealt with the various suppliers of such.

If you are just looking for something close to drop in yourself then I can't offer any suggestions as my search foo for a 330 stock didn't turn up anything.

The proper bedding of a Bolt Gun stock is everything for accuracy.

March 12, 2017, 13:08
Yep suggestions are welcome. I too have found that the inter web doesn't turn up a lot of information about the 330 or stocks specific to the model. Allegedly the original stock was a modified monte carlo style that was made by fajen. It also has the side mounted thumb safety that would have to be inletted. There seems to be more information on the Model 300 than the 330 but one article I read supposed that since the 300 had douglas air gauged barrels perhaps the 330s did as well. I can't attest to that other than that its a nice looking rifle, it just needs the wood to go with it. Perhaps the local beat is a good idea. I just moved back to the area so I should get caught up on what's happening at the LGS's around town.

March 13, 2017, 21:27
Any thoughts on a semi-inlet stock like the ones from Macon gunstocks or the woods plus ones from Brownells. Are they worth it or am I better off looking elsewhere?

April 24, 2017, 20:20
Ok, so I found a used stock in great condition that looked as if the original owner took it off the rifle as soon as he got it and forgot about it. There will be some minor fitting to get the action in as well as relieving the area beside the action for the side mounted safety to fit in. The main problem is this stock was inletted for a sporterized military mauser and mine is a fn commercial mauser. For this stock to work there are three problems that I think overall will be minor but want some input on.

1) the barrel channel starts at the proper diameter but gradually tapers down whereas my barrel goes about an inch and a half a drastically tapers but then straightens out. I think after bedding the action and barrel this probably won't be that noticeable.

2) The stock has more wood in the area behind where the trigger fits in, which blocks the adjustable trigger from fitting. This was probably left there as it would not affect operation of a military trigger so there would be no point in going to the trouble to remove it. I don't think removing wood in this area would weaken the stock but thought I'd mention it incase I'm wrong.

and 3) The bottom is contoured for the military trigger guard with the lock or capture screw forward of the action screw so its about 1/4 inch longer than the commercial trigger guard and the commercial one has a slightly longer magazine. This would require removing wood to make it fit around the magazine but it would leave a 1/4" gap in front of the forward screw, which could be filled in but wouldn't look as nice. Or I could try to find a military trigger guard (eBay or gun broker has some for around $30) that would fit perfectly (I already tried one from a k98 that fits like a glove) but then a: it would add cost to the project and b: I'd lose the hinged floor plate.

So does anyone have any experience or thoughts that may help?

April 25, 2017, 19:13
1) Most people bed the 3" - 4" of the barrel with the action anyway or, like you mentioned, may not show or otherwise matter.

2) Inlet where you need. It shouldn't hurt a thing.

3) Fit the TG as needed and the gap at the front you you could inlet a plate, shield, faux ivory with animal scene, etc, etc, etc...... You could inlet a contrasting wood a bit proud and shape a finial of some sort.

That's what I think a feller could do.


April 25, 2017, 19:36
I like the suggestion for the trigger guard. That's something I hadn't thought of but should be fairly easy and prevents me for spending more money on the project. Thanks!

November 18, 2017, 19:28
So out of the blue while cruising the classifieds on another forum I see a guy who has a listing for new old stock H&R mauser stocks for sale for super cheap. After looking at the pics and asking a few questions I determine that this was in fact the stocks made for this model. So I picked it up and now the rifle is stocked in its former glory and about to have a vintage leupold M8 4x that is going on it as soon as I get some rings for it.

The other stock that I got for this rifle will be going on a 45 acp mauser conversion. :D

November 21, 2017, 20:30
Congrats on your find. "Super Cheap" isn't a bad thing either. :D

November 23, 2017, 20:42
Yeah I was happy about it. To be honest you're actually partially responsible for this rifle even being in my possession as a while back I got a barrel from you that was off a J.C. Higgins Model 50 which started me on a FN mauser kick where I went looking for misused FNs that needed a warm home and comfortable place to sleep at night :D