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June 10, 2002, 13:55
I just got my set of Penguin premium handguards for my Century R1A1 and here are my observations: They do indeed fit both inch and metric FAL's but are VERY tight on my inch model. Also, the handguards are just a bit long at the front so the gas plug can only be removed by first removing the handguards. That being said, they look fantastic on my CAI gun, and very closely match the stock buttstock and pistol grip. They are a lot thicker than the CAI handguards, and much stiffer. And the texture is much more non-slip than the stock ones. They are very much worth the 38$ including shipping!:D

June 10, 2002, 18:23
My Penguin non bipod handguards came in with the HG screw hole drilled way too low. Handguards would barely fit and would cant upward, very noticable. I simply drilled another hole. Easy fix but you can see the old one.

June 11, 2002, 01:43
Just put my new Penguin HG's on tonight too. They are on an R1A1 as well. They fit pretty well (although tight due to heavier wall) however they have a tapering gap along the top that I have to figure how to get out. I'll just have to "tweak" em, I guess.


June 12, 2002, 08:25
Had the tapering top gap thing on my Penguin guards too. They were locking up the gas adjustment ring also.
I removed a little material where they were hitting the ring as well as a couple nubs inside the guards that looked to be hitting also. They fit fine now and the gas adjustment works again. Take it easy on the material removal though. I don't think there is a heck of a lot to spare.

June 15, 2002, 18:15
FWIW....I fixed the problem with the tapering gap along the top rear of the HG's. The upper cutout for the gas tube was .008 too narrow, I took a socket of .625 OD (as best as I can now remember) and wrapped sandpaper around it and used it to gently hog out .004 from each half.