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March 04, 2017, 19:41
Saw one in LGS and first Glock ever held had a use for. Be perfect for wife's brittle bones and no controls to fool with. Tell them to box it up and told me it's an LEO gun in U.S. Other countries is sold to civilians but Americans can't buy a 15 round 380? LGS said it's a semi popular pistol for female cops. Only issue is has to be purchased by the department, not blue label with letterhead to keep them from being resold to civilians.

Most hilarious part is its civilian approved in Mexico. Local joke at LGS is every amigo moving back home comes in to buy "de gun width de horse, 38 Super por favor". Since Mexicans are not allowed military calibers 1911's in 38 Super are big sellers. Glock is after their business with the G25 and G28 so the cartels can buy Glock's in 380 but Gringo's can't.

On their website Glock says, “This small-dimension firearm was developed for markets where civilian personnel are not allowed to possess handguns featuring military calibers. In the USA, the G25, and all of GLOCK’s .380 Auto pistols are reserved for law enforcement agencies only.”

Oddly enough, the Glock 19 and 26 which the exact same gun as the G25 and G28 respectively but in 9mm, are able to be imported, because that caliber scores more points than .380.

Want to use it as one more reason to be a Glock hater but it's the 1968 GCA that causes this, doesn't score enough points to import and falls into "Saturday Night Special" catagory. But the Walther PPK (wife has three) is good as is the Taurus PT-58 with its 19+1 capacity. If the 28 and 25 are same guns as the 19 and 26 wonder if an individual would be in the clear to do a conversion? Found a company in Canada (again legal to civilians there) that sells Glock 25 barrels and ships to U.S. and found two U.S. vendors that sell the 25 magazines with recess to ensure reliable feeding of the shorter cartridge. Buy a 19, swap barrel, buy a few magazines and the hag says G17 on side but pitches slow pitch soft balls.

Understand some departments have purchased then eventually surplussed onto the civilian market but collectors of rare Glock models keep the prices in the $700 to $900 range. Buying the Taurus PT-58 at $350 each is no help as have worse ergonomics than the Walther PPK 380. Just would like the wife to have a mid/large frame 380 that just point and squeeze if needs. With walker or wheelchair already to deal with her pistol needs to be as simple as possible and soft recoiling.

March 04, 2017, 20:19
Folks over on GlockTalk would go ape for a Glock 25...with their wallets. I'd guess well over $700-900.

March 04, 2017, 21:40
Discovered to get the appropriate points to import for LEO sales Glock installs adjustible sights to bring in then replaces with fixed and sell to law enforcement. That means with adjustible sights would be a civilian legal pistol. Why not take people's money and if they wanted to put fixed sights on after purchase, it's on them. Seems like a win/win. Found a guy who smuggled a 25 and a 28 in from South America but that's just bold to round out a collection. Found a few old sales of LEO surplus versions on civilian market on auction sites archives but very few. Wonder if Lone Wolf, ZEV, Glockmeister or others would short chamber a 9mm barrel to 380? Since magazines are easy the barrel is only tripping point.

Would be slick to get a 19 swap barrel over to 380 threaded, put a DTA Nano can on front then add a plus 2 kit to the 25 magazine. Wife would have 18 rounds of soft shooting, ear friendly, no safety firearm in pocketbook. Imagine trying to suck up half a dozen Hornady Critical Defense 380's in short order. Have always had a soft spot for 380. If stepping down from major power factor to minor usually skip over 9mm and go to 380 for compactness and light recoil.

The only two full autos I didn't purge in first bout with cancer were my Ingram M11's in 380. Both have cans and laser sights. Just put red dot where needs to be and in about the time it takes to blink 30 rounds of 380 are empty cases rolling on floor. Snake Blisken style but one in each hand. Consider them toys more than weapons though a few mag dumps of 380 as fast as an M11 runs would take fight out of most even if behind good cover. Without good trigger control they dump a full magazine on fat side of two seconds. Wipes are a pain to change but quieter than baffles when fresh. My 9mm M10 has been way more fun since found correct piston for my Osprey 9 suppressor. With 147 grain subsonic it's much more of a handful than the 380's even in semi auto trim.

Old Sarge
March 07, 2017, 10:18
Seems like a replacement barrel would be easy enough? Lone Wolf, Storm Lake, Barsto or one of the others.

Old Sarge

March 07, 2017, 11:30
I shot one in South Africa. As big as a G26 shooting an inferior bullet, good thing they banned it here..:wink:

To me, 380 goes together with something you can carry in your pocket. I'd rather have a 380 Browning BDA if I absolutely NEED a highcap 380.

March 07, 2017, 23:06
Pass on the 380, but a 38 Super Glock would be great.

March 09, 2017, 07:47
I shot one in South Africa. As big as a G26 shooting an inferior bullet, good thing they banned it here..:wink:

To me, 380 goes together with something you can carry in your pocket. I'd rather have a 380 Browning BDA if I absolutely NEED a highcap 380.

Got your wink there. Not only my wife but work with lots of handicapped and special needs shooters. Had a guy who was lifetime right hand shooter, military trained SDR who lost his right eye in Iraq. Could not adapt hold on rifle and use left eye to shoot accurately. Put a set of 45 degree offset scope mounts on his rifle leaning scope off to left of centerline and suddenly his offhand shooting ability went up 70%. Help people with a gimp arm or missing fingers find correct device to rack slides and like wife, her bone disease won't allow significant recoil anymore. She can handle a big gun but bones crumble under strain of recoil so a large frame 380 would be perfect. Some of the modern 380 ammo tests much better than 9mm ball and 9mm ammo from the 70's. Always a reason to do odd things with guns to help handicapped.

Pass on the 380, but a 38 Super Glock would be great.

Buy a SIG in 357 SIG and call it not only done, but better.

March 11, 2017, 16:37
It stings.

March 11, 2017, 18:19
I have a 33.. :eek:

March 11, 2017, 18:52
I find it hard to believe that there is any discernible differnce in felt recoil with a stubby Glock in .380 with 90-grain performance ammo versus a stubby Glock in 9mm with 100-grain performance ammo. Performance ammo being Hornady Critical Defense.

Only objective difference is the .380 is just barely subsonic, while the 9mm is supersonic. So, there is the "crack" sound to account for. Hopefully, ear protection addresses that for target practice.

As for .380, if I feel that a .380 suits the day's events, I carry one that's a helluva lot smaller than the stubby Glock.



March 12, 2017, 08:35
I'm amazed at the fervor over the G25. Has to be a collector thing.