View Full Version : Any sign of the AK Market (prices) going down?

March 03, 2017, 02:00
I've noticed ARs, which have glutted the market, of course, rolling back quite noticeably in price. On the other hand, even the AKs that were formerly pretty cheap (WASRs and Century guns, for example) seem to still be pretty high in price - $650 and up.

Is that because the IO Guns have jumped into the bottom rung of the market and pushed the guns that used to be at the bottom of the heap up? Or is it that we've used up the majority of the once-plentiful cold war parts kits?

I've kind of got the AK bug after being out of them for a few years, and have been getting some sticker shock. Are there any indications that we'll see some prices fall in the more favorable political climate? Might it be advantageous to wait a few months before seriously shopping for AKs?

March 03, 2017, 03:18
It is strange that the AK prices are remaining strong. :?:?~ss

March 03, 2017, 08:18
There are so many AR parts makers in the market now and parts are cheaper to make so I would guess that ARs will,remain cheaper than AKs for a while until decent quality AK parts are able to hit the market enmass. Mant US based companies have tried and pretty much all of them have gone down in flames.

K. Funk
March 03, 2017, 17:24
There are no more $150 AK kits. Most common ones are $350 and up and the more desirable kits are $550 and up.....without barrels. That being said, I did pick up a decent Bulgarian AK-74 side folder from a kit for $500 recently


March 03, 2017, 17:40
It is a combo of market control ,war in mid east and import laws

Its easy to just slap a AR together think about how much money/time to import a AK as a 10 round sporter etc then drill it out and so on ...

Also century controls the AK import for middle tier guns and they rather push there crap over WSAR imports so there is that

And also parts kit are drying up never mind the work needed for them ie no barrels etc

Frankly also there is a lot more money for eaiser around for arming the mid east so that is at play also

March 12, 2017, 06:55
I think also and have witnessed myself that soldiers coming back from the sandboxes are purchasing ak's quite a bit for some reason. They used to be pretty cheap. Hell I remember selling a stamped underfolder norinco for 4 bills. It's stupid the prices being asked for some of these ak's especially the pre1989 1990 models.

March 12, 2017, 13:53
Until Trump does something smart like doing away with Klinton's eo ban of Chinese guns and ammo, things will only go higher due to the UN destroying every gun an part it can.

I still wonder how many of our US tax dollars the UN funneled to South Africa to destroy all those FAL's and R-4's they surplused? All those AK's and other guns that Iraq could sold as kits here?

March 13, 2017, 04:08
Walked into LGS, Norinco SKS in hand with 20 round fixed box magazine. Still mostly full of cosmoline and cleaned up enough to see it has way better than average wood and no rounds fired since purchased in 1985 to 1988 era. Pulled it out of depths to do another "commie gun" with Trijicon tritium sights, extended butt plate, Tapco trigger, etc. Make fine little fighting rifles on par with a U.S. 30 Carbine and can carry a crap ton of stripper clips for cheap. Store employee offered $400 and customer offered $450 before able to get out of store with my $200 in upgrade parts. May be time to pull out a few and release into the wild. Local department store was selling SKS's for $70, SKS-M's for $90 and AK's for $125, all came with 600 round tin of steel core ammo. They had them stacked to ceiling, went in most every Friday and purchased one of the three options. Never thought they would be valuable, just figured for money spent had a big hedge on extra rifles as AR's were $475 at time and didn't have lot of ready cash just getting started out. Those $475 SP1 Colts were decent investments also. Just only able to do a few per year.