View Full Version : Installed JRA BM59 in laminated Garand stock

February 26, 2017, 15:49
My wife didn't have any assignments for me today - so I launched myself into switching out stocks on my JRA BM59

I picked up a green laminated Garand stock as an extra stock with a rifle I bought last year - and really didn't have a use for it - so I thought I'd see if it could be made to fit my JRA BM59.

The only modifications I needed to make on the stock was the forward cutout to accommodate the mag (which I did with a hacksaw blade, drill and a file) and the two little dimples on the sides of the stock to accommodate the bipod feet nubs, a and a little bevel on the side to accommodate the bolt catch mechanism

I would have had to make additional mods to the trigger guard area - but fortunately I had a spare BM59 trigger group WITHOUT the winter trigger set up. The spare trigger group slid right in there. I can now switch back and forth between stocks very easily. I will probably replace the forward sling swivel ferrule with a Beretta side swivel ferrule as that will make opening and closing the bipod a little easier.