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June 09, 2002, 23:59
I just bought myself an L1A1. I was interested in seeing if there were parts I could buy for it and found out that this is a pretty important rifle. I would like to know the difference between my rifle and an STG58 or G1 or R1A1 or all the variants. Are all these parts interchangeable?:confused: I really like my new rifle and am eager to find out more about it and all the possiblilities it has. This site by far is the coolest thing I have ever seen on the internet.:p

June 10, 2002, 00:32
Howdy! and welcome!

If you go to the FAQ forum and spend some time reading there, a lot of your questions will be answered. Lots of good info there. Basicly your rifle is "inch" pattern. An STG58 or G1 is a "metric" pattern rifle. The differences, parts interchangeability, etc. are covered in the FAQ's. Lots to learn! Have fun!:)

June 10, 2002, 03:28
welcome aboard and ditto on what Doubleought posted. Also, it is imperitive that you get yourself ready for the distinct possibility that now that you have acquired your first FAL and have found this site, you will more than likely be taken by an addiction to these pieces of art and you will then start obtaining necessary tools, parts kits, refinishing products and have an obsession that you vainly attempt to fullfill....in other words, enjoy yourself :)

June 10, 2002, 11:14
Have you shot this thing yet? If not there is still time!! Take it back to the dealer, get your money bac, buy an AK, an AR, anything but an FAL!! Run, run away while your can!! This is the voice of reason and experience here. Three years ago I was a normal gun guy, today I'm completely tooled up for FAL production. Parts everywhere, tools, fixtures, blueing tanks, soon a park tank (soon as I get over to Doubleoughts for the custom design), got knows what else!

The L1A1 is just a start. Soon you'll KNOW the differences from the Izzy's, G1's, STG58's, because you'll OWN them. You will have a candidate for worlds ugliest R1 like the rest of us. Just wait till your magazine count goes over 3 digits!

Welcome to firearm hell. Ain't no escape now.

Buy the way, the answer to your question is in the FAQ.


June 10, 2002, 11:16
Welcome (Inch) bienvenue-Willkommen (Metric)

I can't help but take this opportunity to get you started off right on your adventure into FALdom. Specifically the difference between "Metric" and "Inch" FALs.

Despite the popular usage of the terms Metric and Inch, they are not actually made to different dimensions. All the basic dimensions are the same. Really, a much better way to describe the two types is FN, and L1A1.

In fact, to be really blunt about it, the L1A1 is essentially an improved version of the original FN designed FAL. The L1A1 was a multinationally developed rifle (Canadian, British, Australian, and intitally the US). Many of the shortcommings of the original FN FAL design were corrected in the L1A1 to make it a much more useful weapon in a wide variety of extreme battlefield environments including sandy, muddy, and arctic conditions. I'll try not to go into any more detial as you can find it here on the Falfiles in the archives.

As far as interchangeability, virtually all major assemblies are completely interchangeable between all FALs. The real difference is really in the detials or design preferences. Such as the L1A1 has a different pistol grip, magazine catch, stocks, gas regulator. For instance, the L1A1 trigger guard can be swung out of the way so it can be fired with heavy arctic gloves on. FN "Metric" fals have a completely different pistol grip without this feature, and the grips and lowers won't interchange. Yet any FAL lower will fit any FAL upper, and any barrel assembly will fit any upper (although Isreali and Indian require minor mods).

Considering how many different countries (at least 11 produced it, and more than 90 adopted it for use) and factories produced and used the FAL, it's not at all surprising there are differences. There is much on this here in the archives, but I can't help it, I've got to be a know-it-all and type a short list here;)

Argentina Metric-FN-pattern (FMAP Rosario)
Australia Inch-L1A1-pattern (Lithgow)
Austria Metric-FN-pattern STG-58
Belgium Metric-FN-pattern (Herstal)
Britian Inch-L1A1-pattern (3 factories: Enfield, BSA-Birmingham Small Arms, Fazarkerly)
Brazil Metric-FN-pattern (Imbel)
Canada Inch-L1A1-pattern C1A1
India Inch-90%L1A1-pattern called 1A-SL (RFI-Rifle Factory Ishapore)
Isreal Metric-90% FN-pattern
South Africa Metric-FN pattern R1

Plus there were small quantities built in the US by Harrington and Richardson, and High Standard.

I hope I haven't bored you, and at any rate welcome aboard

June 10, 2002, 12:00
You might want to consider a SECOND JOB to help pay for all of the neat stuff you will be buying. By the way, I have some extra ...

June 10, 2002, 12:39
"Welcome to my parlor," said the Spider to the Fly.

June 10, 2002, 12:53
Welcome, Don't be scared off by all the talk about spending lots of money. It's just that parts and accessories for these rifles are so low priced that we tend to buy alot of them.
Well my credit card bill just arrived, time to pay my child support to Tapco. :D

Enjoy your new child, Shoot safe and have fun!


June 11, 2002, 00:40
Thanks alot for all the info. I just started reading into the FAQ's forum and have learned a lot of stuff. This website just keeps getting better. Thanks much!