View Full Version : M & P 10 Question

February 12, 2017, 06:42
Is there anything odd about removing the safety assembly from a S & W MP 10. I started drifting it out and there is a slight ridge that is catching on the right side of the receiver.

I was afraid to force it without asking.

February 12, 2017, 20:22
Remove the pistol grip and the locking pin and safety lever springs and detents. The safety lever may come out now but if not take the trigger pin out before attempting to remove the safety lever. When reinstalling place the trigger into the lower reciever but don't install the trigger pin until you install the safety lever. To complete reinstall the detents for both the locking pin and safety lever along with springs then carefully reinstall the pistol grip so as not to bend the springs.
I am thinking this is standard operation procedure for removing the safety lever on any AR type rifle. Of course I could be wrong but you won't damage anything doing it this way. (Notice I did not say "platform")
Please note the M&P 10 does not have the reciever locking pin spring and detent positioned from the rear but from the bottom next to the safety lever spring and detent.