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January 11, 2017, 09:52
Gents; this may have already been posted as I am not savy about suppressor rules and regs.


January 11, 2017, 16:20
I just wrote my Congressman (Raul Labrador, R-ID) and requested that he support this Bill. Thanks for the information.:bow:

January 11, 2017, 16:45
Be writing mine and hoping. My guess is it will get thrown under the bus in a compromise that allows some other legislation to pass. I would be happy if just changed for instant approval if already purchased a suppressor in the past. Let them make the first a pain, keep the tax (eliminates some of the riff-raff) and subsequent units name comes up in database as vetted and walk out door same day.

My biggest concern is if it's too easy and too cheap to build a suppressed SBR I would have one in every truck if not two. They would populate half my rifles, half my pistols and some gang banger with a brick could bust a truck window and have a minimum of an SBR and a suppressed pistol. Something seems iffy about that. Of course anyone with propensity toward violence likely doesn't let the lack of a suppressor stop them from acting. Yes, the wait on a Form 4 sucks right now but bet it gets quicker once all the April, May and June units clear. Before the pre rule change rush got last Form 1 back in 47 days, thought it was reasonable. At this point, people with an existing pile or single unit should be three days maximum if e-filed. As it is, am damn careful when leave the house as know if gets stolen will take months and a thousand dollar bill to replace a nice one. Even a Form 1 is a lot of time building after form comes back. I would like to be able to walk in and buy a select fire suppressed SBR for actual fair price. Select fire M4 should not start at $15,000 for a ragged out unit when can build for $500 to $1,000.

January 11, 2017, 21:42
BS Huey. Be clear.

January 13, 2017, 10:01
Hard to be clear when personally support more liberal gun laws but certain items am unsure if they should be as easy as walk in and out without one significant set of checks/balances to ensure people understand implications of ownership. Know lots of people with lots of guns in homes with no safe or alarm. Know people with tactical rifle in vehicles and no lock to secure them when left parked out of sight.

At least 850*guns*were*stolen from cars*in Atlanta in 2015

Thieves*stole*hundreds of*guns*out of*vehicles*in Atlanta last year — more than two a day.

More Than 1,600 Firearms Stolen in Vehicle Break-Ins

Two teens suspected for spike in car break-ins....Marietta is experiencing a rash of car break-ins, after falling to historically low crime levels in 2016—since Oct. 1, there has been an 18 percent increase. They have stolen guns, computers and cameras.

My first cousin is retired from Cobb county P.D. and says it's suspected these two minors stole over 100 guns before caught. Only being charged in seven cases at present. So thus my uncommon sense hillbilly level thunkin. If suppressors become super easy, odds are more manufacturers will jump in driving prices down, tax goes away and vehicles everywhere is not only a pistol or AR behind seat but a can screwed on them.

It's legal to shoot at my business and home. Sherrif's Department asked me to stop breaking in AR's outside shop as noise was concerning people for blocks a few years ago. Shop is in county but borders city on two sides and surrounded by homes and businesses including Walmart half a block away. I was not breaking any county laws but violating city sound ordinance. Now keep a can at work and when want to break in a build step outside and run a magazine with no issues as have a solid bullet trap keeping rounds safely on property.

Same deal with my indoor pistol range at work. Last spring was a beautiful day so opened all the garage doors and was 100 or so rounds into a session when S.O. showed up about gunfire reports. They knew before dispatched what was up as have deputies and local P.D. in range fairly often. Asked me to keep doors closed when lighting up the range. At home never had a complaint but have taken to running cans when going to shoot a lot. Have bullet traps backed up by a earth berm that guarantees no rounds leave property but as favor to neighbors try to keep quiet.

Neighbor has shot three deer this year from his carport fifty feet from bedroom window. Sits us up and we pay attention to what's up. I shoot coyote quit middle of night, ground hogs, crows and squirrel during day often and nobody ever seems to notice. Am unsure want the potential of hundreds of suppressors being stolen from cars in the metro area every year finding their way into criminal hands. If they get cheap and easy that will happen.

As it stands my cans at home and work are either in safe or locking rack and behind alarms when not in use. In truck are in pretty secure lockbox under seat till needed and SBR gets put in significant lock behind seat and never left in parking lot out of sight or in truck overnight. The thought of paperwork reporting stolen, issues and costs associated with replacement cause me and most I know to be extremely careful with our cans. When/if a person can walk in LGS and walk out with a can same day and under a $500 price point won't be people calling 911 when shots are fired. May delay officer response to a multi-victim shooting till long after perp has finished and left. Yes, a criminal can build one without stealing or acquiring it through legal channels but most don't think that far ahead or are that smart.

So yes, it would be sweet to walk in and walk out with a can whenever wanted another. Have six month old Form 4's and already been vetted. I think something needs to loosen up for people already vetted but I don't think it should be overly simplified. Sound of gunfire attracts attention, people look to see what's up. Common sense says if half the shootings go unheard, the conviction rate will go way down as nobody looked around because heard nothing out of ordinary.

Yesterday wanted to see how one of my 6.8's sighted in for 90 grain Gold Dots shot 110 grain V-Max bullets. As per new way screwed on a work can, stepped outside a half block from Lowe's and Walmart on one side and half block from half dozen popular restaurants on other, shopping center bordering rear property line and put ten rounds into outside bullet trap and people in business next door never noticed. Yes, the 6.8 with supersonic rounds is not silent but sounds like subsonic rimfire without a can. My 45 with 230 grain hollow points is almost unnoticeable and my 10/22 with Aguila 60 grain Sniper Subsonic about all heard is bullets slapping trap and brass landing on concrete.

Be clear??? I can't be clear on this subject as see both sides of the coin. Two days a week work volunteer security in huge building with over 1,000 people. If someone began burning down a Sunday School class with a pistol sporting a can could possibly walk out and leave totally unnoticed. That scares the hell out of me. Imagine school resource officer not hearing gunfire in classrooms because some punk stole a pistol with a can out of a vehicle? I don't trust at least half the people I see buying guns to be safe or to secure them. Won't go to public indoor ranges anymore or shoot with people don't know after some recent close calls seen with yahoo's and guns.

I am a Second Amendment supporter and believe that people should be able to buy and own guns with minimal issues. Certain devices am not so sure of. Know that won't make me the most popular guy in the group but used to it. Really frustrated on the number of cans that have been sitting at LGS back to April. Need to streamline the process but advise caution in that how it's instituted.

January 13, 2017, 10:56
It's this simple: Criminals don't care about laws anyway. Why should law abiding people be saddled with more BS? Suppressors reduce report, they don't perform criminal acts. This is the same slippery slope all gun control advocates propose. Hammers, fists, and feet should be subject to such scrutiny at that rate.

January 13, 2017, 22:07
If they are widely available to people they are also going to be easily available to use in crime. It is either-or, there isn't a middle. Currently they are not easily available so while available in crime are not easily accessed.

It really comes down to are the advantages better than the risks. I don't want to condemn millions to unnecessary hearing loss. I don't want ranges shut down or people unable to shoot because of noise. I really do not like giving things up because of what some asshole might do.

There is no rational reason why it should be more difficult to get a muffler than it is to get the gun it fits on.

January 13, 2017, 22:22
There are no 'advantages better than the risk'

There is no risk. A suppressor makes a pistol too long for it to be concealable.
They do that much for a rifle but make them much longer. They'll still be loud.

Is there some bizarre, video game vision of people becoming hit men???

I have suppressors on pistols and rifles. They're more of a 'don't disturb neighbors' than anything else

The only real place I've found a suppressor to be of any value is on sub-sonic 22s and on a 300BLk SBR

January 14, 2017, 07:43
The novelty of cans will wear off in a year or two after deregulating. Who gets all horny about collapsible stocks and bayonet lugs anymore? It wont. Be a big deal if it happens. We'll all own a can or three, prices will come down a bit, people within earshot of gun clubs will file fewer noise complaints.