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January 02, 2017, 13:08
just got a 1957 mod 70 in 30 06 and noticed a cracked in the wrist is their some where I can buy a new stock that is drop in with minor work as far as fitting goes

K. Funk
January 02, 2017, 13:15
You will be hard pressed to find an original, but they are out there. Is the stock otherwise un-molested? IE, no recoil pad, original finish, etc? If it is. I would find someone who can do expert repairs and have it fixed. If you are concerned about it cracking further, you can always get an aftermarket stock, but keep the original around.


January 04, 2017, 09:51
Agree with Mr. K, depending on the location and severity of the crack, a threaded rod/screw can likely be epoxied in place that will keep the crack from splitting further. Usually, such repairs in the wrist area do not alter the outside of the stock and can't be seen unless the action is removed.

Much of the value of your '57 Model 70 is having the original stock, so I would at least try the repair route before a "drop-in" replacement stock if it were my rifle.

Something like this;

January 04, 2017, 14:44
Would prefer a cracked a properly repaired original than a replacement unless lucked into a proper, period correct replacement. If mine and planned to shoot would buy an economical replacement and fit the rifle into it, taking opportunity to glass bed and float the barrel. Would either sent the stock out for repair or do myself based on your experience and available equipment.

If you can post a picture or two of the crack would like to see what we are talking about. Most likely I would remove the recoil pad and then using a jig and hefty drill presss drill a hole from butt through wrist as far as stock allows then pour full of epoxy and press (not drive as beating with a hammer may deal the fatal blow) a threaded rod in and clamp (again likely fabricate some holding pieces to make this work without putting stock in bind or leaving any marks) till epoxy was well cured. Put original stock in box replacement shipped properly oiled up and padded and make sure the two don't get separated.

Photograph each step or ask person repairing to so documented what was done for future owner. With the original wood repaired, rifle bedded in replacement stock you then can take to range or woods without fear of messing up original wood any further. Have some rifles without damaged stocks that original wood is in storage and action in aftermarket so able to enjoy without the dreaded "vault marks" in nice wood.