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December 09, 2016, 18:59

Ordered one, then they showed out of stock. If interested in 6.8 keep checking back. Seems like a smoking deal to me. This will be deer gun for my little chillens.

December 10, 2016, 11:34
How much were they asking for it Byron?


December 10, 2016, 14:05
$380, free shipping

December 10, 2016, 17:00
I'm kinda hanging back in hopes the prices are going to drop lower with free shipping.


December 11, 2016, 10:27
Damn that was a pretty good price. I paid more for their 6.8 upper with the A2 FSB. It shoots decent but not as accurate as the 6.8 I built using a Daniel Defense S2W barrel. I'll have to keep an eye on this upper and try to snag one if I can catch it in stock.

Let us know how it shoots.

December 22, 2016, 06:37
Received the upper. Looks as it should. Rail tight, accurately indexed to receiver rails. Havent ordered mags or ammo yet so wont be testing any time soon.

January 11, 2017, 16:04
Didn't want to start a new thread and since posting pics of a 6.8 spc II AR, figure this is as good a place as any.

Little 6.8 minding its own business.


Along comes a can and in 30 seconds or less...


Gets dark or need to touch something farther away same can on 5.56 AR.


And even better same can twists on one of my FAL's, M1a, 7.62x40 AR, 5.7x28 AR, turn bolts and more. Waiting on papers to clear and will have a total of three. Same can, same mount, covers any of my rifles 308 and under. Heard of others using on larger 30 calibers but I don't want to blow one up since have bigger cans, just not as elegant to move from one host to another.

January 11, 2017, 17:28
Whats the cheek riser thing on the camo rifle? Is the dot so high that you need it? Does it interfere with charging handle?

January 11, 2017, 19:59
Cheek riser gives perfect cheek weld with 1x red dot mounted at height for perfect cowitness with sights. If ever wonder if either is off, pop up sights and if both don't agree then something is amiss. Actually had battery go dead last week and when sights released dead center of reticle so nothing obscured. Often if taking a shot in the wild that really need bullet to land where aimed will activate sights as confirmation of optic.

It pops off without tools and does not interfere with charging handle if stock extended. So seldom use charging handle had to think for a second. This rifle stays loaded 24/7/365 till BHO catches bolt, new magazine inserted and bolt dropped on fresh magazine. Except for cleaning or swapping ammo type, which is seldom, the charging handle is hardly used. Cheek piece blocking charging handle is no issue unless odd chance of using to sweep a structure with narrow passage and don't extend stock. If had to charge with stock in closed position hand would pop it off. It's more important to me to have comfortable position on the rifle than worry about stock closed operation as its 22 rounds from empty usually and this little rifle has yet to not feed, fire or extract properly.

February 16, 2017, 15:46
Newest existing 6.8 thread so figure use it rather than start a new one. Last week had my daily driver and "Sunday go to church" trucks go in for service beyond my desire to do or ability. The '93 Dakota decided it needed it's second clutch at 325,000 miles and the 3/4 ton Cummins diesel started to show signs of the "death wobble" they are known for at 250,000 miles. Meant all guns had to come out to go to proper shops for each issue. Been busy since getting them back and just pitching a rifle in when drive one. This morning took the time to replace each trucks official rifle to lock behind seat of Dakota and under rear seat of the diesel.

Instead of the Oly XM177 clone and 14.7" M4 clone they both now have a 6.8 spc II in their locks, instead of the MTM 15 magazine box of 5.56 mags in toolbox the daily work truck got a mag pouch with six 25 round mags of 90 grain Gold Dots. Same spare ammo setup in the big truck. If seven mags of 6.8 doesn't get me home will just have to suck up the consequences.

Finished last job of day and the trigger plus forearm for the 22 Nosler build arrived on UPS truck today. Going to try and get it done so can start the camo job on it, doing a Realtree Gunskins wrap that's left over from when they still had a license to reproduce the Realtree pattern. Should have it wrapped, scoped and sighted in by varmint season. Can throw in which ever truck actually driving for sniping ground hogs. But am officially swapped over to 6.8 as the self defense weapon of choice. Finishing the last two builds gave me enough to leave one locked in each truck, next to each bed plus scattered where appropriate.

Still have a few Wylde chamber 5.56 for longer distance and precision work out of the vaults but 6.8 is now the predominant cartridge. Helper today noticed, had one site where owner said was o.k. to shoot and once snapped the suppressor on the sound of bullets striking stumps impressed him immensely. Sounds like a sledge hammer hitting solid wood. Even supersonic, 6.8 with a can is a fun toy to bust rocks and stumps with.

February 16, 2017, 23:11
Didn't like the ghost image deer skulls,on my 22 Nosler so built another 14.7" 6.8 spc II clones that ran out of tiger stripe and let it rip with the skulls. Like these little 6.8's with Burris red dots.




Still have some areas to finish but from 3:30 till 10:30 pm been twisting up new rifle and laying skulls, seven hours after hard day of work was all I could stand. Rifle runs like scalded ape.

February 16, 2017, 23:38
Geea Huey the bottom AR just about totally disappears in with all your chickens. Did you say that was a 14.7 " 6.8 P.S.A Huey?


February 17, 2017, 00:50
Yes, have three almost exact builds now. 14.7" CHF 1:11 barrel, Anderson lowers, Aero uppers, Palmetto premium HPT/MPI bolts, two are nickle boron plated, carbine gas, H2 buffers and run like scalded dogs. Can or no can don't have to adjust gas only differences are forearms had laying around. All have Burris XTS 1x red dots mounted on Burris tall mount so sights cowitness. Sights for this one will put on tomorrow after camo job is completely finished. Reason shoot pics on floor noticed it dissappeared in chickens.

About have files built to print up a set of chickenflauge camo for a build. Think the chickens will look good on rifles. Decided not to put graphics on the 22 Nosler as going on FDE billet upper and lower plus all FDE furniture including buffer tube. Since some folks love FDE if don't like it will be easy to part with in the new tacticool cartridge and full FDE color scheme. Have three 14.7", two 16" and one 18" 6.8 now and the 14.7's are my favorites.

February 17, 2017, 01:46
Just popped over to Palmetto, 6.8 spc II logo bolt carrier groups reduced from $199 to $89 bucks. Not seen on sale in a while, dropped two in cart and zoomed out on a barrel hunt. Found a 16" 1:10 with lifetime warranty from company that's done well by me in past for $94. Now to find one more barrel and will have an eight pack of 6.8's.

February 17, 2017, 09:52
I'll have to pop over to PSA just might get me a couple of those 6.8 bcg's that's a good deal. I want to build a 6.8 with a 14.7 CHF barrel I have two 6.8's one is an 18" the other is a 22" both are Triad ARP barrels, Aero uppers with PSA lowers.


February 17, 2017, 10:59
Red Barn Armory has a good deal on Aero uppers right now as well as White Oak Armament. Got uppers from both last week that are in process or finished built already. Screwing together an AR is quick when all the tools and parts are ready to go. Don't know why enjoy my 6.8's so much but have torn down other cartridge AR's for 6.8 parts.

February 17, 2017, 14:39
Huey is your 14.7's 6.8's or are they 5.56? Only 14.7's I found at PSA was 5.56. I wish I hadn't missed the last sale at PSA on there Federal 6.8 seems like their not interested in selling the 6.8.


February 17, 2017, 19:26
Chickenflauge v1.1 project underway.


Need to color balance more toward brown, background has too much white. Will make some PhotoShop adjustments tomorrow, reprint and redo. By this time next week expect should have size of chickens, background color, need to put a matte over coating as a bit shiny but hardest part is done. Getting started. Plan to put on my subsonic specific 6.8 build.

The two tiger stripe 6.8's are my 90 grain Gold Dot rifles. The new pattern finished last night and this morning will be for Hornady 110 grain tipped bullets. Thus grab rifle, six pack of matching magazines and know your rifle and spare ammo are matched. Should make it difficult for others to mix up ammo especially. Have dozens of ideas for custom finishes in my addled brain

February 18, 2017, 12:36
Why, I'd be proud as a game rooster to own a rifle that sexy. Hot chicks.

February 18, 2017, 13:37
Finished it out both sides along with detailing the nooks and crannies. WS making a.fool of myself showing at LGS when had one man asked if it was for sale. Replied it was still experimental, have darken background and put a matte clear on to knock down the gloss. Company that first started selling the kit wrap kits sent me a copy of BATFE letter saying an overlay is not refinishing or gunsmithing. Only done my rifles but know wrap sops doing rifles.

One of the employees asked if possible to do a Star Wars theme. Said other than violating copyright law, it was possible and in fact easy with my equipment. Nice pretty girl and if don't charge her and buy a pile of Star Wars stickers might could puzzle them on. Another customer asked what all I could do, said anything down to family portrait. He wants '55 Chevy's on his rifle. Have to see if outline/shape is trademark infringement though have clip art from a company that has licensing agreements with lots of major corporations and extends to end user in certain circumstances. My clip art allows me to do most vehicle logos for a single use on vehicle, just not mass producing for sale to hundreds and thousands. Stealing images is why my website so screwed up. Over 70% of thumbnails were linked to fairly high resolution pictures. Discovered company reselling my images, shut them down with court order. After Tour de France one year found my pictures in magazines and newspapers with no photo credit or more importantly paid release for use.

Can make a Chevrolet sign for a dealer but can't make a sticker with Calvin peeing on Chevy emblem. Guy who owns Calvin cartoon has put more sign shops and garage businesses into bankruptcy than anyone else I know of. He will viciously sue someone for reproducing Calvin just a single time. Another area am always careful is trademark infringement. Seen people lose businesses making Chevy and Ford decal sets to go on Chevy's and Ford's without license agreement. Coke will rip your @$$ too, as bad as the Calvin guy.

Now to see how far can go to satisfy customer and stay within copyright law. Will have to pass on some jobs. For a CYA made agreement with FFL gunsmith licensed facility to log rifles into their book, apply on their premises and give 25% of fee. When pinned down on price to build custom files, scan pictures, print, apply matte flexible U.V. clear coat $200 to $300 should do most. Could see someone running it up a tad more but time takes is worth $200 minimum. Getting faster, did stock, lower and upper in 2.5 hours including design and printing. First took two days, then got down to a day, last complete rifle with optic six hours. Main thing is offering people something different and having equipment that prints chemical resistant and highly flexible graphics. So now have a product and have to be careful on what I reproduce and how. I know am not about to get in pissing war with George Lucas doing Star Wars kits for AR's but 10 minutes in gun store had three people wanting guns done.

February 18, 2017, 20:19
Huey is your 14.7's 6.8's or are they 5.56? Only 14.7's I found at PSA was 5.56. I wish I hadn't missed the last sale at PSA on there Federal 6.8 seems like their not interested in selling the 6.8.


Was searching last night to see if could find some fair priced 14.7" barrels for you and figured another for me wouldn't hurt. All I found in 14.7" were a bit pricey. Did stumble on some 20" 1:10 melonite 5R units maker claimed were match grade and throats have an extra thousandth of freebore to allow running hot loads with less risk of KaBooming the rifle. Said perfect if want to seat heavy bullets out and single load or load to max magazine length. Reason for faster twist and length is to allow 120 and 130 grain bullets to stabilize. Also ordered a Superbolt (pricey thing at $69 stripped with no extractor or gas rings but if it's the cool kid on the block) so can heat up,some of the 130's and see how hard can make a poodle shooter hit. Book says 2,460 fps for over 1,700 ft/lbs of energy. That's significantly more than most 5.56 rounds make. Still not a 308, eh?

Happen to have 10,000 130 grain bullets purchased at deal before knew enough about 6.8's. Now have a use for them. Believe my 16" 1:7 twist subsonic barrel might like the 130's also. Hope so, drives me nuts looking at those bags and no use for them. Also scored twenty more stainless 6.8 magazines so looks like I will be close to cracking double digits in 6.8 builds soon. Learned supposed to square the front of receivers for 6.8 builds and replace bolts every 5,000 rounds. Will square all new builds and see how the ones already built last as plan to run them till break and first is already over 2,000 rounds without issues.

March 08, 2017, 17:05
6.8 bolts on sale again!

http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-6-8-full-auto-bolt-carrier-group.html?trk_msg=38BG93IU1GJ4FFA6JRPLKRG56K&trk_contact=SJGLGC0MFT2F6J3FK54ONP6910&trk_sid=Q88PHCQENNID2CJOLQMNEE45RS&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=http%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fps a-6-8-full-auto-bolt-carrier-group.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=5%3a00+Email

March 08, 2017, 17:14
Seeing less and less evidence of 6.8 at PSA. Used to at least show items that were out of stock. Now those parts dont even appear. Thats a nice price on that BCG.

March 08, 2017, 18:45
Ordered three more to go with pile from last sale. Think cost of ammo is killing 6.8 sales. Finished the 22 Nosler except installing scope.


March 08, 2017, 21:12
Does 6.8 work with standard 5.56 lower/buffer and spring?

March 09, 2017, 01:41
Needs specific bolt but carrier is same. I buy Palmetto Premium BCG's when on sale and pile them up as 6.8 is using 25% to 30% more powder to push a bullet often double the weight of 5.56 fodder. Hard use can break them quicker. When have extra cash order ARP 6.8 Super Bolts which are much stronger alloy, design and more meat in lockup areas. As able to afford put in most abused rifles and put the Palmetto bolt back as a spare. Have about 1/3 switched to ARP Super Bolts.

Gas system is same. Use good quality standard carbine spring with H2 buffer and carbine gas in most 6.8 builds but switch to H3 buffer or heavier if likes them. Have two 6.8 barrels with mid length gas and like to use curly gas tubes on carbine length guns when have an extra curly tubes laying around. Expect the 22 Nosler to be more brutal on parts. Have an H2 buffer in it with rifle length adjustible gas and will carry an H3 first range day. Have an ARP 5.56 Super Bolt and some of Slash's XH Carbine buffers (8.5 ounces) on way for it and my 18" 6.8's with mid length gas to try.

All my AR's are built for reliability best can on a budget. Longer gas and heavier buffer slows down cyclic rate, increases lock up time (microseconds) and runs them slower. By putting a curly gas tube on carbine length barrel, gun sees a rifle length gas system due to extra length of gas tube. Front three rifles in this pile from a couple years ago got curly tubes.


Front two slide fires got them along with H2 buffers to slow them down and the third is a 6.8. The 6.8 ended up with an H3 buffer at first range trip as would fully cycle with 85 through 120 grain ammo with the H3 and calmed the powder keg burning cases pushing heavy bullets down bore keeping buffer from travelling too far rearward. Rear two Wylde have rifle length gas systems. Have an 18" ARP 1:10 3R and Bison 20" SPR profile 6.8 barrel on bench as next builds. Both will start with H4 buffers and Super Bolts. Assume with the longer barrels, longer gas, building to launch 120 and 130 grain bullets will need a heavier buffer. Adjustible gas is user preference. Am about 50/50 on it with poodle shooters.

If ammo makers don't step up to plate the 6.8 will be relegated to just a few specialty makers keeping price of parts high. New unfired brass runs 77 cents each. Got lucky end of 2015 and scored 10,000 unfired, primed cases then another 2,500 plus deal on 2,500 milspec white box loaded ammo so have 15,000 cases to play with. If don't reload 6.8 is expensive to shoot a lot. If look around and lurk can find occasional deals on S&B loaded ammo and SSA or Federal brass but have to work for it and jump second you see a deal or a vendor with 100,000 cases and good price will sell out in 24 hours or less. Today even though a 6.8 is in lock behind seat of truck, threw a second one in. Am rushing the 20" build to see how shoots, guy I know is shooting sub 1/2 MOA groups with his 20" and holds MOA out to 250/300. Want to see a 100 grain tipped bullet blow ground hogs and coyotes into mushroom clouds.

Bama Steve
March 17, 2017, 03:27
What are you guys doing about brass for this caliber?

I am interested but it just seems so expensive to get into this game for plinking.

March 17, 2017, 04:10
Agree that this is not a plinking caliber. And Huey is likely the only person hoarding 6.8 ammo. For me this is a deer hunting caliber. I'll buy a couple boxed of factory ammo then reload from there. Doubt I'll ever have more than 60 pieces of brass and ammo.

Bama Steve
March 17, 2017, 04:46
Thanks for the speedy reply.

Seems this is just not in my future.



March 17, 2017, 11:32
What are you guys doing about brass for this caliber?

I am interested but it just seems so expensive to get into this game for plinking.

If my next few brass orders come in as promised will be able to share. Found a guy who sells once fired S&B brass boxer primed cases at really fair prices. Purchased his last two lots when he got barrels separated. We have a tenative agreement will contact me first and will buy all he has. Purchased a 450 count lot and a 700 count lot from him this year. Says he currently has two 55 gallon drums to separate. He seems to get a load per month. First batch was 30 cents each, second batch was 25 cents each. Beats the 70 to 75 cent per case price for SSA brass.

Got plain lucky back in 2014, purchased 10,000 pieces of pull down unfired brass and 15,000 6.8 Gold Dots on a single order, negotiated a price of $2,200 for total order. Month later purchased 5,000 more cases and 5,000 more bullets from same person and had 3k in components. Sounds like a lot but up to 11 rifles now, with other purchases have about 2,500 rounds per rifle. Initially stunned me how much powder a 6.8 consumed. Powder of choice for 6.8 was suckling 9.5 grains more powder than 5.56. Was getting roughly 300 rounds per pound with 5.56 which dropped to 215 per pound with 6.8. Start loading 5,000 round runs and 100 less per pound hits the inventory and wallet.

Because ammo has not been SAAMI certified most load data is light due to liability and so many spec 1 barrels floating around. Combine this with dot mil not really using much outside of special ops there is no big demand on ammo companies or surplus ammo which drops prices. 6.8 is going to become a cult cartridge with two or three manufacturers offering product which will keep parts prices up. With 300 B.O. as the bigger of the non 5.56; 6.5 and 6.8 along with 270 AR, 277 Wolverine or most other chamberings will be expensive to shoot and slowly dry up. Believe 6.8 will hang on with ARP, Bison and few others as enough people like a carbine with stopping power on two and four legged game. 6.5 will linger in shadows too because of its ballistics. But soon most will have never heard of either or remember them as failures in marketplace. It's amazing the number of low round count barrels and bolts can find now. If not for the $100 to $150 nice used barrels, large lots of $59, $89 and $99 nickle boron BCG's combined with luck back in early 2014 when folks thought 6.8 might replace 5.56 I would not be as deep in as have gotten. My plan is to build 14 then have some spare barrels and bolts then call it done. Fact have to work hard to shoot heavies or subsonic will keep 300 B.O. as king of that market.

Learned in panics like Sandy Hook if had rifles and ammo it changed the game converting overburden into cash. Was selling the crap out of NIB, still full of cosmoline chinese SKS's with 600 round tins of ammo. Whenever my LGS was totally out of rifles and ammo which was common as shipment came in was gone before closing was allowed to follow panicked clients to parking lot. Would strike a deal and walk the kit inside where he charged $25 to do a Form 4473. Far as buyer was concerned, got rifle and ammo at his place and word got around he often had rifles even when shelves were empty. Sandy Hook paid all my old medical bills from car wreck in 2007 when rear ended and left holding 30 days of hospital and specialists bills, 2008 economy crash company bills and put money in the gun kitty for when market normalized. If I can't stockpile ammo for a build, the rifle is not much good to me. As finish a 5.56 or 6.8 process 1,200 rounds to go with it. A poodle shooter or battle rifle with under 100 rounds of ammo is useless. Better to skip the builds and invest that money in ammo or components for fewer rfiles unless use for hunting only.

Now have one 1:7 twist 16" barrel and going to order the 11.5" 1:7 from Bison Monday so can have a standard size and short 6.8 that shoots subs and heavies. With most barrels 1:11 twist and won't stabilize heavies or subs that kills the use of most surplus 270 bullets. My 20" 1:10 will spin up to 130 and 140 grain bullets. The 16" 1:7 will stabilize heavier but can go loopy with some. 6.8 is too complicated and expensive for the tacticool operators. They need a 5.56 or a 300 BO if want to max the cool factor. Currently have two bullet molds on way for 6.8, one is a 160 grain gas check other is being custom made to drop 200 grain gas check bullets. They will be almost a wadcutter with truncated cone point to help feeding. Math says will st b ilize at 1,050 fps in 1:7 twist. 1/3 of case capacity will have bullet shoved in it. But once I get 6.8's flinging lead like my 7.6239 (160 grain bullets) and 7.6251 (247 grain bullets) will comtrol plinking costs a lot and a 6.8 launching 200 grain subs with a can will be a hoot. Looks like they are about to roll me out of recovery to a room. Thank God as burning some bits and bytes laying in bed.

April 24, 2017, 16:25
Well since PA decided that too much liberty all at once might make us hunters crazy (still cant hunt deer in PA withba semi, only varmints for now) I decided to sell the upper on Gunbroker. Sold for $40 more than I paid.

Also scoped the M14 clone, and may also bed it and have trigger improved. So may just stick with that if PA ever finds us responsible enough to hunt deer with semi.

April 24, 2017, 18:47
With high 6.8 ammo price, a lot of folks switch to 6.5G while cheap steel case ammo available and said better long range performance. I have to wonder if 6.8 would just become less popular and fade away! Then maybe I can pick up a few cheap uppers! ;)

May 19, 2017, 07:19
ARP had there last ten 16" 5R melonite barrels on sale for $185.00 each. Now it's eight, when a 6.8 quality part falls into single digit count better get in the bus if ever thought about it.


July 13, 2017, 08:11
Yesterday was in rolling hill farm country so threw the new 18" 1:11 5R ARP in as my spare truck rifle. Was in north part of county doing a job on clients property and saw a ground hog on edge of field. Wind was almost dead calm, maybe 1/4 mph breeze from directly behind me, range finder lit him up at 282 yards and my range finder has proven to be accurate to within a yard out to 600 yards verified. Grabbed tablet and opened two favorite ballistics apps for rig in hand. Both called for 11.8" of drop and based on my sight in, load data the Nikon app for my scope and reticle popped up this image on screen. This is the handiest feature in the world and why every scope I own have the manufactuers ballistic app if provide and keep updated as buy new model scopes.


Notice second dot from center cross hair calculated at 271 yards center and bottom of dot at 291 yards showing bullet drop for the 6.8 getting fairly significant at measured range. Held between center of dot and bottom of dot just a tad closer to mid point. Had a lead shot filled sand bag sitting on tool box of the Dakota, watched and wasn't but a few seconds before ground hog stood straight up to get a good look as guess he felt something was amiss but unsure if it was danger. Perfect front on, full standing ground hog, looking straight at me so held point of aim from ballistic app dead center of his chest. Bullet popped him right under the chin though fat part of his neck with a Speer 90 grain TNT pushed by 30.8 grains of H322 measured at 2,750 fps from my 16" ARP barrel. (That is above max published load so don't use that loading unless worked up to it very slowly but shoots nice in all of my 6.8's) Either math was off a tad, humidity, the 1/4 mile tail wind kept velocity up or the new 18" 5R barrel is shooting fairly faster than my 16" ARP barrel. Pretty much decapitated the little bugger.

A ground hog past 250 yards with a 6.8 absolutely made my day. Put everything I had into building the 18" from a day of trigger tuning, squaring receiver, White Oak Armament premium bolt, lapping rings for scope, setting up definitions in my three most used shooting apps to refine algorithms and the electronic cheater put scope right where it needed to be. If I didn't pull shot then impact was about 2" higher than math in all of my apps have calculated. Now have to drag the Ohler PBL out and get an accurate muzzle velocity on the 18" barrrel, 50 yard velocity, shoot the rifle on a 200 yard range to get actual measured bullet drop and refine my numbers in apps. For those of you that are good at doping a rifle in your head, don't get lazy and lose those skills. For us hacks, there are now a ton of excellent apps that with a good range finder, annenometer, good chronograph and a little range work to tune your algorithms the rules of varmint shooting have totally changed. Very few people can tell a 25 yard difference past 250 yards on small game but miss that guess by more than ten yards and its hope to see where bullet hit and have enough time to readjust dope for a second shot. My first shot hit ratio has increased over 60% on shots where unfamiliar with field am hunting. At home or on my farm know distance to every tree, fence post or other stationary object that can just look at my paper print out for rifle of the day without ranging. At three local farms the owner's have let me drive 36" grade stakes that are color coded for range. If a coyote is between a red and an orange stake know he is between 300 and 350 yards so can dial him up without wasting time typing numbers into an app. But driving in farm country, don't like taking chancy shots so if varmint is not inside point blank range of rifle won't take a shot till do my calculations. Yesterday it came together almost perfectly as usually consider 200 to 250 yards maximum range for 6.8 spc II due to extreme bullet drop every 10 yards past 250. A deer, 300 yards gives a bigger kill zone so would go that far on a snap shot with safe backstop.

July 13, 2017, 11:04
Forgot to show the Strelok Pro solution. At $11.99 it is quote possibly the best overall ballistics app have used to date under $100. Like the Strelok as it links to my Kestrel annenometer, rangefinder and pulls weather data, GPS, calculates spin drift and Coriolis Effect all seamlessly to eliminate pretty much everything but shooter error. Even corrects for angle of shot if range finder has option, mine do, or can aim phone and it calculates angle from your device. If set up apps correctly about only way to miss a shot is pure human error on shooters part. That is humbling at times when you pull an easy shot and can't blame a bad read on the wind... You can see that the Strelok moved point of aim a smidgen to compensate for physics.


Have a PDA type device that is made to MIL-STD-810 standards and came preloaded with basically every shoulder fired rifle the military has deployed in past 20 years plus ammunition types. It has ability to program in different rifles and loads or if have access to right dot gov computer can be updated and firmware upgraded as released. It's very proprietary and only runs on a Windows based device which kills most phones and tablets. Just the single use PDA and is not that different than the Knights Armament Bullet Flight App which is a $29.99 download. Someday may do a side by side review of all the cheater apps have used.