View Full Version : 870 Feed Issue

November 26, 2016, 18:00
Have an early 1950's pump gun that occasionally has a FTF where front edge of next round snags on bottom edge of the barrel when pumping the action. Any recommendations on how to fix?

November 26, 2016, 20:53
So the new round comes out of the magazine OK, but upon being driven forward into the chamber the front of the round drops low and hits the bottom of the barrel?

I'd start with a new carrier dog spring. Get the heavier duty one while you're at it: http://www.rem870.com/2012/06/17/remington-870-carrier-latch-spring-upgrade/

November 27, 2016, 08:42
Yes, front edge of next round hangs on bottom edge of barrel.

Thanks for link. Looks like an inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade for both of my 870s.

November 27, 2016, 14:52
Detail stripped it and smoothed up some machining marks on sliding surfaces, including the carrier spring plunger. Also smoothed the machine marks on locking block, the ramped area where the block shaped piece slides against to lift the lock. What Id forgotten is that my 1985 870 has the locking lug captive in the bolt, where the lug on this old 1952 comes right out. No pin, no hole for a pin. This sucker is really slick now.

Have a few carrier dog springs on order.

November 27, 2016, 18:15
Good deal. I loves me a good ol' 870. :biggrin: