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November 26, 2016, 01:05
For the last 30, give or take one, years I have been traveling away from home for work. When I get home all the pocket change I had collected while out and about went into plastic jars, big jars. So I take it all down to the bank the other day and cashed it in, $1,371.74. Just so happens the S&W M&P 10 I bought the day before took $1,305.00 to get it out the door. :)
I had always called my collection of coins my retirement savings. It was all getting rather crowded on the kitchen counter with all these jars, time for them to go. I could have bought a 1 once gold coin about the size of a half dollar and solved the space problem right there, baring that I bought an M&P 10 instead.

I have not found any threads about these units so pardon if it is old news. I mount an Springfield Armory ART scope on it and sight it in. Surplus non-igniting tracers I got dirt cheap with Lake City and Win. 748, not much love here when I want one inch groups at 130 yards. Next up my super hand loaded LC and 150 grain FMJ with Win. 748 then more better. Still not what I want so next will be some 168 Sierra match to top of my favorite Win. 748.

The rifle itself feels substantial and looks very good. I don't care for the ambidextrous controls but being right handed why would I. I will figure out how to get rid of them and they will be gone. Too busy is the problem just too much that is unneeded.

As expected it was tight and the charging handle takes more effort than on an AR 15. Bolt is heavy and looks well made, big firing pin with a light rebound spring.
The trigger is not real bad just a little heavy. There is a break point the trigger begins to move rearward then a wall with another bit of preasure, a slight creep then a crisp let off. It will be changed out for a Timney just cause I like them better.

I was doing three down to two inch groups and as usual I was the problem not the rifle. I have been there too many times to think it was the rifle first guess. The groups improved as I did then I had to take care of some stuff in town like cash in my hoard of coins before the bank closed, at least I got it on paper.

I like it just fine so far and hope it never breaks because S&W will not sell you parts, you have to send the rifle to them to be repaired which sort of sucks. With no or very little interchangeability with anyone else just hope. Might be an interesting hobby project for someone like making firing pins. Thank God they did not screw up the trigger so swapping it out is no big deal and normal.

I like the 18 inch barrel, wish they had not turned it down so much from the gas block to the muzzle brake attachment. Go for what you know but I like this one. I may post again if anything changes, with target pictures if my groups get better otherwise there is not much point.

November 26, 2016, 02:40
Some of my experiences with the Big Smith

November 26, 2016, 03:40
Thanks for the link :)

Timber Wolf
November 26, 2016, 08:02
Nice trade.:)

K. Funk
November 26, 2016, 08:47
Pocket change has been my salvation for many years. I still have a wooden box I made in wood shop in 8th grade that I keep change in. I would empty it and roll change when it was full and when the cardboard box was full that held the rolls was full, I would head off to the bank and then to the gunshop. There is still scribble on the inside lid showing where I added it up to see if I had enough to buy that special one. Today, I have a bigger cookie jar. When I change a $20 at work for the vending machines, whats left goes in the jar. I still buy guns with it.


November 26, 2016, 12:50
I retired back on June 27th of this year so basically this is my retirement gold watch I bought for myself. :) :whiskey: