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November 25, 2016, 12:45
Earlier this year I bought a 986 pro as I had a 50 cal can of 9mm that would not fall in/ out of the case gauge. While it is accurate, it had a number of issues that should have stopped it from leaving the factory that I had to correct.

Here is the list of things that were must fix.

Loose side plate. Had to degrease the holes and screws before vibratite of screws as it would not stay tight.
Ejector rod end unscrewing preventing cylinder from being opened. It was greased and needed degreased and vibratite applied.
Hammer hitting right side of frame causing random light strikes 2-3 of 7. Had to shim the hammer.

Things that should have been caught but have not affected function.

Sharp burr on right side of top rib due to cutter not being centered when cutting rib.
Cylinder pawl looks like it was fitted by a monkey with its first grinder. Probably 10% of the tip surface bears on the cylinder as it was ground at a bad angle. Will probably go out of time early.

Once all the functional stuff was resolved, I have found it to be a great shooter. When I am on my game 7 shots all touching at ten yards is the norm. Double action I am almost as good as it is smooth and predicable. Recoil is mild, and recovery is quick. Sights have the right amount of light showing on the sides. The moon clips work great. I bought 100 of them and a demooning tool. Filling them is easy.

I like the gun, but no Smith should have made it past QC with these problems let alone something from the Pro line. It cost them a 686 customer as I put down a deposit on a Dan Wesson 715 pistol pack instead. Going to try to find a used 625 that I can handle first rather than buying new and not getting the 22 that I was thinking about. The titanium cylinder is a limited life part. If I have to get it replaced later, I would rather it be stainless.


November 25, 2016, 13:58
There's no good reason for S&W doing this kind of work. It should be sent back to S&W with a detailed letter stating what's wrong with it

I've heard of QC complaints but have never seen anything wrong with the newer guns I've purchased

November 30, 2016, 09:42
Like just about all modern American manufacturers, S&W has let their customers become their quality control division. They ship all kinds of things that shouldn't. Great warranty turnaround but it shouldn't get out in the first place. Their Performance Center is just bolting together unusual variations with some fancy machining on some for more money. It's no longer a custom shop.