View Full Version : WTS: Triple Solvent Trap Adapter for HK .45 16mm x 1mm L.H. Thread Barrels $46 PPD.

November 14, 2016, 18:40
I no longer own any HK .45 pistols, so this item is now excess to my needs:

I am selling just ONE very high quality brand new-in-the-package Infinite Product Solutions Inc. black Parkerized solvent trap adapter.

It is designed to fit ONLY 16mm x 1mm Left Hand Threaded barrels, such as those used on HK .45 pistols.

The other end of this adapter is a very clever TRIPLE-stacked thread adapter ("Three Stage") that fits 3/4 NPT, 13/16-16, AND 3/4-16 threaded filters.

With that versatility, it fits more than 30 types of Fram, Napa, and Wix brand oil filters and fuel filters!. (See the http://www.infiniteproductsolutions.com/adapters/thread-adapters/16mm-x-1-lh-three-stage-adapter/ (http://www.infiniteproductsolutions.com/adapters/thread-adapters/16mm-x-1-lh-three-stage-adapter/), for details.

These have a limited lifetime warranty.

All NFA rules apply. If you want to use this as a suppressor adapter, then you need to pay a $200 transfer tax. But it is perfectly legal to use this as a solvent trap (for gun cleaning), with NO PAPERWORK required.

Be sure to double check your pistol's thread specifications before ordering.

Think green! Be environmentally conscious and use a solvent trap! :-)

My price: Just $46, postage paid to CONUS. (The manufacturer charges $45 + $5 postage.)

Sorry, no international orders.

Payment via discreet PayPal or via USPS PMO only.

Trades? Sure! See: http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=404006 for a list of what I'm looking for.