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November 04, 2016, 15:19
the wife always liked the 1911, but the .45 cal recoil was to much for her. she found a SA inc 1911 in 9mm a guy in the club was selling and let her shoot it. well, all said and done she now owns a 1911 in 9mm. already cost me my favorite holster and single mag pouch. dont know whats next, but she really loves it and it hasn't faliled her once. now if i say range time shes there with me. i remember why i love her.


ps; new 9mm mags are on the way from brownells

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November 04, 2016, 15:54
One of my shooting friends has always been critical of a 1911 chambered for the 9mm Luger round. He sees no earthly use for them.

So one day we are at the club range and I happened to have my Colt Combat Commander 9mm with me. This pistol has been fitted with a Barsto barrel/bushing, a MMC adjustable rear sight, a Wilson match trigger, had a trigger job, a Pachmayr flat MSH and wrap around grips. In the Ransom Rest it will do sub two inch groups at 25 yards with just about any load.....

So I pulled out the Commander and started loading magazines when my friend starts in on my case about having a 1911 9mm. So I handed him the unloaded pistol and told him to try the trigger. He was impressed by the three pound clean break and no excessive over travel. Handed him a magazine loaded with my standard 115 grain FMJ hand load and told him to give it a try. My friend is a pretty decent handgun shot and he put all nine rounds into the ten ring at 50 feet. He commented on the soft recoil of an all steel 35 ounce pistol and the accuracy.

Some months later he showed me his new to him Colt Gov't Model in 9mm that he had bought at a gun show. He was going to turn it over to a pistol smith for some mods to make into something like my Commander.

Maybe it is a good thing that I left my Sig P210-6 at home that day. Everyone who shoots it falls in love with the Swiss pistol.....

And so it goes.

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November 04, 2016, 17:08
I'm seeing more and more 9mm offerings in the 1911 frame, even Wilson Combat is going that route.

When my Wife wanted a gun she picked it out based on what she wanted and what was comfortable for her to shoot not what i thought she should have.

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November 05, 2016, 02:33
My "other" 9mm Colt 1911 is a .38 Super Auto full size Gov't Model. It has had all the mods done to it as the Combat Commander except for the Bomar target sights.

What I like about the Super is that I can drive a 150 grain hard cast LSWC at 1100 fps with sub two inch groups at 25 yards and with less recoil that a 200 grain .45 LSWC at 900 fps.

My 40 caliber Colt is a Delta Elite. The full treatment with a Barsto, etc, etc. It likes the Winchester 175 grain SilverTip HP best and will put 10 of them into a tight one inch center to center group at 25 yards from the Ransom Rest. Match grade accuracy and magnum performance. What's not to like about that?

And so it goes.

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November 05, 2016, 18:15
A few years I took an inventory of the .38 Super ammo on my shelves. Some factory ammo which was mostly 130 grain FMJ and a small amount of the Winchester 125 grain SilverTip HP. A few oddball factory loads like the Federal 147 grain FMJ and some old Remington 115 grain JHP (no longer produced).

So I decided to shoot up the partial boxes of ammo and another 300 rounds of handloaded 130 grain FMJ. I have five magazines for the Super so off to the club range with all of this ammo. I shot away close to 500 rounds that afternoon in a three hour session. Stopped once at the halfway point to let the Colt cool down and apply some BreakFree to the slide rails. I used an old bed sheet as a drop cloth to catch the brass.

Not a single hiccup of any kind. My mags are a combination of Colt factory made by Metal Form and Mec-Gars. I had one very dirty pistol to clean that evening. And lots of brass to tumble clean. Had a 500 round count box of Winchester 130 grain FMJ bullets stashed away. But I save that kind of hand loading chore for the winter....

I really am of two minds on the .38 Super Auto round. It is a fine old cartridge but the major problem with it is the lack of good factory ammo. The 130 grain FMJ ammo from the three major makers is a bit on the tame side compared to the original 1275 fps load. I can get the same level of performance from 9mm +P 124 grain JHP like the Speer Gold Dot.

OTOH I have shot the CorBon 115 grain JHP and chronographed it at 1465 fps. The Corbon 125 grain JHP at 1390 fps. This is the kind of performance that a full sized GM in .38 Super is capable of with high performance ammo.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

November 08, 2016, 05:30
With decent ammo your not disadvantaged with a 38 Super. Back in the 80's it really picked up a following as IPSC became more popular and folks realized it made major power factor, held two extra rounds, had less recoil and the higher pressure allowed it to take better advantage of compensators. I always explained it to folks that didn't know the cartridge as a 357 magnum without a rim for function in autoloaders.

If it had not been for the stigma that 1911's were hard recoil in pistols, Hi Powers were poor stoppers due to lack of the preponderance of high quality 9mm ammo available today believe autoloader would have fared better in popularity during late 70's and through the 80's into early 90's. But during this time the 357 magnum wheel gun was adopted by most law enforcement departments thus what stood as the standard sidearm of the times. At the ripe old age of 13 had the money to buy my first centerfire handgun and based off reading Shooting Times and other rags purchased a 4" Smith Model 19 Combat Master.

Was 16 before purchased my first 1911 and was hooked. Discovered it had less recoil than full house 357 loads and could lay down rounds and reload much faster. When began IPSC and moved up in classes realized would take a 38 super to be competative so ordered an unlimited and stock class Super from a reputable smith then began my 30 year career as a mountain climber before returning to a daily shooter. Still collected and shot regular but from age 12 to 18 shot daily then was 47 before began a daily routine again. Sold that first pair of Supers at an IPSC match to finance a five week climbing trip to the Wind Rivers and Tetons.

Now there are so many new cartridges, ammunition technology has really improved and more popular pistol designs than a person can keep up with. Except for my SIG 2022's and an occasional Hi Power prefer a 1911 to anything out there for self defence and range shooting. Do on occasion get nostalgic and carry a 3" 44 Special or 4" 357 Mag with a pair of speed loaders and every truck has a wheel gun under drivers seat and pile of speed loaders in the console in case my semiautomatic fails and don't have time to pull rifle out of lock behind seat.

Have added some more Supers to the pile of 1911's and about to purchase my first 9mm 1911. Talking to man respect a lot and traded guns with since the 80's told me that when start getting close to age 70 a minor caliber 1911 becomes a must have. That and this thread has me thinking wife may like a 9mm 1911. LGS has a used SIG Target in 9mm that if sits a little longer and become willing to negotiate on will add to pile. Right now it's not inexpensive enough to justify buying used as opposed to new. Also looking at trying a 40 just for grins in the venerable old pistol.