View Full Version : 870 longer barrels

August 17, 2016, 22:35
If you wanted to learn the way of shooting clay disks, what would be a good barrel length for a 870? Should you look for used factory or are there reliable aftermarkets (I wonder how hard is it to screw up a shotgun barrel but what do I know)? And what kind of prices do those go for?

August 17, 2016, 23:33
I have shotguns with 26" to 30" barrels that all work great for shooting clays, I'd also look for a barrel threaded for chokes so you have more options. My 870 came with an 18" barrel & I got a used factory 26" barrel threaded for chokes for $75, I posted some pics of it in the thread below this one.

August 18, 2016, 12:44
There are many different games where you "shoot at clay disks"

Trap - single target moves generally away from you. Longer barrel, modified or full choke. As you get better you can get handicapped and have to move further from the trap bunker.

Skeet - single or double targets, high house on left, low house on right. Work around in a half circle shooting from 8 stations. Station 8 is in the middle between the 2 throwers :). Slightly shorter barrels, you need quick 2nd shot for the doubles (stations 1,2,6,7), open chokes

Sporting clays - golf wtih a shotgun. All sorts of variations on how targets fly/get released/types of clays. Use a hunting gun with modified choke

5 stand - like sporting clays, but not as much land involved. See sporting clays.

A pump 12ga with screw in chokes or a fixed modified choke will let you do it all to some degree, but will be a handicap in some situations.