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August 10, 2016, 18:23
I recently had an East German AK kit built on a NoDak Spud receiver at Northwest Gun Supply in Nampa, Idaho. The gentleman running the company is named Corey Weathermon, and he does extremely good work, at a reasonable price. My kit was purchased from Apex a few years ago and had matching numbers. I also bought a Romanian chrome lined barrel from Apex, because the EG kits didn't come with barrels.

Since I live pretty close to Nampa, I drove over there and gave the kit to Corey at his shop. He told me that it would take about 3 weeks to put the rifle together and test fire it. Then he showed me several AK's that he had built from various kits. They were all gorgeous, and looked like they had just come out of an Arms Room. Corey is a very strong believer in building AK's that are historically correct, although if you want something added that isn't, such as rails or red dot optics, he will do that too. He might try to talk you out of things that didn't originally belong on the rifle, but he will build it any way you want. He will also put any kind of finish on it that you want. Bluing, Parkerizing, Cerakote, whatever strikes your fancy.

True to his word, three weeks later, he called me and said that my MPi-KM (German designation for AK-47) was ready to pick up. I drove back over to Nampa and went to his shop. When I walked in, we chatted for a minute or two, then he got my AK and handed it to me. As I said before, it looked like it had just come out of an East German Arms Room. When I got the kit, the original parts were blued, and instead of refinishing the whole rifle, Corey blued the receiver and barrel to match the rest of the rifle and got it perfect. He also boresighted it. He refused to take any payment until the rifle was finished, which impressed me a lot.

Speaking of payment, he charged me $310 to do all the work necessary to assemble the kit, which included machining the barrel (the Romanian barrel was a wee bit larger in diameter than the East German trunnions), bluing all the parts to the right color, assembling all the parts, then doing the routine stuff like headspacing and getting the front sight dead vertical, getting the rivets correct, etc., etc. Everything on and about the rifle was perfect.

I took it to the range a few days ago to get the sights dialed in, and the rifle performed perfectly. No malfunctions of any kind, and was very accurate.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Corey Weatherman and Northwest Gun Supply to do any and all kinds of work on either AK's (he does both 47's and 74's) or AR-15's. His website is http://www.northwestgunsupply.com. He's definitely one of the good guys. He also accepts work from all over the country, not just locally. I just got lucky that he happens to be in Idaho.

August 10, 2016, 19:25
Pics of the new AK?