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August 05, 2016, 07:27
Ah, been a while. Place still smells the same :p

Anyways, anyone know of a company or custom grip maker that has a decent-sized grip for a S&W Chief's Special? The original wood panels suck and the Hogue Bantam grip feels like a popsicle stick in a rubber.

I'm not particular about grip material. This gun was previously loved (I'm thinking as a cop's BUG since it has two s/n) and has seen a bit of wear. Assuming I don't get a wild hair and sell it, I'd like to clean it up. Still shoots okay for a snubbie, may Cerakote it and put some lighter springs in there.


August 05, 2016, 08:20
There's a number of companies that make gun grips. I only use Altamont for
J-frame Smiths

Eagle Grips is another good maker. No experience with their J-frame grips but I use them for Ruger and larger S&W revolvers

Your experience, needs, likes and dislikes concerning grips will differ greatly from my own

August 05, 2016, 12:27
I second CG&L's suggestions, both of those makers offer plenty of grip options.

Your gun should have only one serial number on it, and it will be on the flat on the bottom of the grip frame. Some departments will add a rack number somewhere else if the gun belonged to them. You will likely find numbers stamped on the frame inside the yoke cutout, just below where the barrel screws into the frame, visible when you open the cylinder. Be advised they are just assembly numbers to keep major parts together during bluing or nickelling and don't mean anything after the gun leaves the factory.

I am a bit of a S&W buff. P.M. me your serial number and I will look up when it was made. You can use x's for the last two digits if that makes you more comfortable, like 1J23xx or ABC12xx.

Great choice for a pocket gun.