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August 02, 2016, 17:12
Anybody running the cylinder &slide SFS on a 1911 or BHP

Thinking of trying it out on my hi power

August 03, 2016, 13:35
Just Googled it and read half dozen reviews then looked at the kit. Reviews are good but sure is a pile of funny looking parts getting added to the system. Carried cocked and locked for over 30 years without an issue. Even times where safety was inadvertently pushed to off and in a holster without a strap between hammer and slide. Till trigger is pulled mine don't run off, even my cobbled up home brews.

I carry 1911's two to three days a week now instead of every day. Just got too expensive to keep them cosmetically repaired due to my manual labor job causing equipment to get abused. Switched to a SA/DA for work in a $400 SIG 2022 so just drag it through the gravel up under a truck and don't worry. It's a protect the nice guns thing now. Today is a doctor day so carrying a 1911.

When carry open mostly use a thumb break holster to keep someone from easily snatching my own gun out on me. Seen some darn good pick pockets in my day and the thumb break gives me a touch of security in open carry and used so long it doesn't really slow getting gun into the game.



When going to be concealed have a few jackslide style holsters use with 1911's but non in the tiny pic folder, will have to add as like a jackslide which is same as the top three without the thumb break. Have monkeyed with the internals enough on my 1911's and don't think it's time to change what has worked for so long yet though may blow my hip off this afternoon. Run your mouth and usually soon after is when you get hurt, eh?

BTW, the Bianchi 3s inside the pants rig has probably been carried thousands of days. For many years inside the pants rigs were my preferred choice. Now that have gone from 29" waist to 31" and weigh another dozen pounds like to put pistol on outside of pants.

August 03, 2016, 16:53
Google it myself before I started the thread

It's either got it, runs great or why do you need lot

Didn't see anything negative posted by some ody who actually had it installed

Apparently some of the FN hi powers in the past came with it as factory equipment

August 03, 2016, 21:14
Did a bunch of reading before buying it and installing it. I watched the AGI video on BHP disassembly before doing the work, and was glad I did.

The installation was pretty straightforward (after the video), and the function is good, just as advertised by C&S.

I understand all the arguments about "why do you need it", to each his own. Without a grip safety on the BHP I think it makes sense. I like it. Draw, sweep thumb, fire.

Parts are made in France or Belgium. Quality was good. I'm glad I did it.

I hope this helps.

August 04, 2016, 09:47
Appreciate that, like O.P. not read anything bad from anyone with it installed. Recently converted a few 1911's with pinned grip safeties to functioning grip safeties. Manager of LGS was intrigued with my pinned units and tried to buy the parts to use in some of his pistols. Didn't feel selling modified safety parts was a good idea, especially parts that neutered a safety feature. This is a system that if came in a pistol would try. Adding to one not so excited but fact nobody seems tomdislike it says somethimg. Boils down to if cocked and locked messes with someone's head, this system seems like still same mechanical issue just hides it.

August 05, 2016, 13:15
My brother's FN Hi Power has the SFS. Great system and the manual-of-arms is the same as that for a regular safety.

August 11, 2016, 12:01
Love the bedspread with pictures of cocks all over it!:shades:

D P Six
August 19, 2016, 12:30
... Even times where safety was inadvertently pushed to off and in a holster without a strap between hammer and slide. ......

I have always carried a revolver over a 1911 because I haven't felt comfortable with cocked & locked. Haven't heard of SFS before but it seems if you accidentally brush the thumb safety off you still have a cocked 1911 looking down your leg. What am I missing with this modification?