View Full Version : Walgreens 50x5&1/2 Toro Maduro(Blenders Gold)

July 15, 2016, 09:06
I had been looking to replace my "everyday/all day" favorite cigar, the cheap Philly Titan, with a hand-rolled, long-leaf, Maduro. What I stumbled upon has not only replaced the Titan for everyday, but also my "special occasion" Oliva Maduro. Marketed by Walgreens under the "Blenders Gold" brand, the Cuban seed, Honduran grown/rolled, long-leaf, and Maduro wrapped Toro is a delectable smoke. Mildly spicy with a peppery undertone, and a full bodied finish that cools to again accent the spicy notes, yet with a sweetness brought on by the completed burn of the tobacco. I have paired the cigar with bourbon, rye, and several brandys. A rye Bloody Mary was particularly well suited to the cigar.

Give the Walgreens "Blenders Gold" Toro Maduro, Honduran hand-rolled a try. This medium to full flavored beauty won't disappoint.~ss

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