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Dazed and Confused
July 10, 2016, 10:57
After buying my 527 Carbine and wanting a receiver mounted peep sight I bought a NECG front and rear sight...

I cannot recommend NECG sights for the 527. http://www.newenglandcustomgun.com/Gun_Services/item_info.asp?Brand_id=5934&ST=CZ
First, they are expensive. Second, the front sight they sell does not fit properly in the CZ ramp. Third, the rear sight is bulky on the little carbine. The peep sits too high so a tall front sight is needed. Fourth, customer service, not so good. I contacted the owner, it took a while to get a response. I communicated the issue with the front sight and he was going to replace it. Took my name address and phone number but never got back to me.

So I found the Skinner Sights. http://www.skinnersights.com/cz_rifles_24.html
It's not a clamp on sight like the NECG, you have to drill and tap the receiver. But at $60 for the rear sight and $10 for a little taller front sight from CZ, it was a better deal all around. (NECG sights are $90 for rear and $40 for front sight.) Adding the cost of tap and drill it was still under $90 for everything.

After mounting the sight and doing a bore sighting at 25 yards I took it out to dial it in. Once I made a little adjustment I patched my target then let off three rounds. All is very good!

Range: 103 yards
Ammo: Wolf 7.62x39 FMJ



The Skinner Sight fits the 527 nicely, not bulky, very slim like the little rifle. The coyotes around here are gonna get thinned now!

July 10, 2016, 17:05
Nice sights. I'm wanting to get one of those 527's some day. My supervisor at work has one that I've shot and it's a nice handy little rifle.

Can you co-witness a 4X scout scope with those sights?

Dazed and Confused
July 10, 2016, 18:44
Nice sights....
Can you co-witness a 4X scout scope with those sights?

No, since it's where the rear scope mount would attach. The original rear sight would work with a scope.

I figure if I can get this kind of accuracy with a peep sight why do I need a scope? And with cheap ammo to boot!