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June 18, 2016, 00:21
A few years back I bought an early post WWII Colt Government Model 1911 (Commercial Model). More photos to follow in the daylight but I couldn't resist posting something. Last year I sent Greg Derr, Derr Precision in MA, a post WWII Colt Government Model in .45 acp and a complete .38 Super government top end. The .45 and frame were chrome plated and the .38 Super was in a poor nickeled condition for refinishing. The .38 Super Slide came with a "Triangle" brand, US Marked adjustable rear sight.

Greg took his time and I'm glad he did; they turned out beautiful! Greg is also a professional photographer and with the help of Don Hamilton's (probably one of the best US Pistol Shooters) coaching Greg was able to secure a number of NRA National Records in Bullseye and ISSF Olympic style shooting. He represented the US in world competitions for six year, leaving the global stage after the 1996 Olympic games.

When the sun is out tomorrow I'll take some better photographs of this combo - I have two .22 LR conversion units; so I thought I would include one of them with the other two. Here's before and an after photo of them I already owned the Colt Factory .22 LR conversion unit):


June 18, 2016, 06:19
Nice set up there!
What did you do with those handsome stag grips though?