View Full Version : Target Sports brand barrels?

June 13, 2016, 21:00
Anyone have any experience with these?

Just ordered a 20" non-ribbed (who cares about her pleasure!) barrel for my Mossberg 500, has screw in chokes and comes with extra full and a IC. Added a modified tube as well. $85 shipped, NIB.

FWIW I've been checking LGSes and pawn shops and the best I can find is a rusty 28" VR barrel with only one choke tube marked at $100 the guy said he'd sell for $90 OTD...

June 18, 2016, 11:38
IIRC Target Sports and CDNN are the same company. I remember their cheap shotgun barrels but have no experience with them. In for responses.

June 18, 2016, 17:47
I went ahead and ordered one Tuesday evening, CDNN had it on my door step yesterday.

20" Mossy 500 w/ screw in chokes, no rib, single bead. Came with an Extra Full and Cylinder choke, I ordered a Modified to go with, CDNN tossed in a Skeet choke, choke wrench, and a little pouch to hold the extra tubes. Great deal for $86 delivered.

Made in China. Surface finish feels kinda rough, as if it wasn't run thru a final polish.

Fit and installed fine. No issues removing or installing the chokes, although they aren't labeled very well. Need to look at them under a strong light to check for markings to see if they really are labeled. The tubes on the barrel I sold off 20 years ago and the tubes on my O/U have notches in the end to indicate which choke they are.

Test firing tomorrow if the weather clears up. At this point, I have no problems recommending them as a buy.