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June 07, 2016, 13:09
i already did the e form 1 for an SBR
now for a silencer it was asking me the length, on the paper from you can put N/A correct?

the eform would not let me proceed with out a length, i put a number that i thought would be close, ( will not know the length till i build the damn thing), my question is that "do i have to make it that length or is it moot?

i think i already know the answer is " it dont matter" but looking for some input.



June 07, 2016, 14:03
You're wrong about the 'it don't matter'

The length is very important for a Form 1 suppressor or SBR.

The length you put down on the Form 1 must be exact or longer than the suppressor you intend to build.

It's stupid but we're talking about the AFT. If your suppressor ends up being 7.5" and your paperwork it says 7.25", basically you have an illegal suppressor
It will be claimed by the ATF that your 7.5" is more quiet that your intended 7.25"

The possibility of your suppressor and paperwork being checked by an ATF agent is remote but they can cause all kinds of trouble for the length being longer. Jail trouble

Same thing with an SBR. Your length needs to be exact or longer than your build turns out to be

It's stupid but it's better to give long lengths on both. Government employees don't need to pass any type of IQ or competency test to do their jobs and send you to prison

June 07, 2016, 15:02
I've successfully used the following approach on form 1 suppressors:

"Approximately 7-1/2 inches"

They accepted it without any hassle.


June 08, 2016, 09:04
I just put 12 inches and will amend it after it's built and comes in shorter than that length - I hope:whistling: