View Full Version : Colt .22 "Automatic" AKA "Cadet"

May 25, 2016, 15:20
Been looking around for a .22 pistol to teach my children to shoot with. They are GTG with rifles but now I want to get them trained up with pistol / revolver.

My LGS just put out a Colt .22 semi-auto pistol marked ".22 Automatic" they were produced in the late 90's and look similar to a Woodsman and are out of production now. Some people will call them the "Cadet."

What are the pro's/con's to this pistol? It looks almost new, no box and one mag for $300.

When I handled it I noticed that the severe grip angle causes the front sight to be angle up pretty high when bringing it up to eye level and acquiring a sight picture. Not a biggie on a target/plinking pistol but it would be a deal killer for a service pistol.

Missed out on a Smith and Wesson K-22 from this same store last week. The clerk was telling me how he had just sold one for $425 to the 1st person that looked at it and he was thinking that he had priced it too low. No kidding Sherlocks.................

May 27, 2016, 08:23
The pro's are it looks OK and shoots fairly well. May be a good piece to put away for posterity or until the collectors of rampant ponies take notice, if ever.

Cons are, it is no longer made, mags are $30 if you can find them, plastic grip frame and a grip angle that I don't personally care for, YMMV.
Slide does not lock solidly after last shot.

If you love it, buy it, you're not likely to find another.

My opinion? Buy a Browning Buckmark, go shooting, be happy. :love:

ps; Rumor is that Beretta Neos mags work in the "Cadet"

pss; Damn shame about that K 22. :|

May 27, 2016, 22:16
Thanks for the response Mainer,
I picked it up this morning. While not a big fan boy of the Prancing Pony line, this pistol kinda called out to me. It will probably never make collector status , but that is ok because I plan on shooting it a lot.
The collectors all want their guns new in the box still bubbled wrapped from the factory. Nothing wrong with that if that is your cup of tea, but I buy them to shoot them.

Several people over on RimfireCentral in their Colt Forum section posted that the Beretta Neos mags would work just fine. I'll pick one up to try it out. Thanks for the heads up as well.

After fondling it a bit after getting it home I realized that the grip angle is for a one handed grip - sight picture. Extending this pistol one handed yielded an excellent sight picture that lines up great. In the store I was using a two handed grip and was having to realign the sights to get a decent sight picture. Makes sense now.