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May 11, 2016, 21:46
Just cause it looks like a baby 1911.

I'm looking for a suitable replacement recoil spring for my Star SS .380. I've had no reply over a three and a half, weekly contact period with Wolff. They don't list a specific spring for any of the "S" models so, I supplied them with the known dimensions of the spring I have and, requested spring stock of a longer length so that I could trim to length. I also requested to know if the spring they do list for a Colt .380 Government model was of suitable dimension to substitute for the Star SS .380 since the Colt is similar and, so I understand, Star at one time made the Colt Pony.

Not a peep 'ur nuthin'.

I also inquired over on Gunboards Spanish pistol forum. Still waiting for more answers there.

Anyone know what/where I can find what I need or, if the Colt .380 Gov recoil spring will indeed work like I "think" it may?

The stock spring dimensions are:

Length: 4.5"
Coils per inch: 10
Dia. of coil: .278" - .280"
Dia. of wire: .033"


May 14, 2016, 09:55


May 17, 2016, 14:41
I have never done business with these people.I just Googled "Custom Pistol Recoil Springs" and got a link to them.



May 17, 2016, 15:43

Awesome, I may check them out closer if the spring I ordered from Wolff doesn't make me happy.

I posed the question on Gunboards in the Spanish pistol forum with a reply about the Colt .380 Government recoil spring being suitable so, I have one on the way. I finally gave up the e-mail wait and called them up and got some one to cross-reference my ignored e-mail and check dims. :facepalm:

Thanks for the heads up on what looks like a good resource link for the reference files.