View Full Version : older CZ 75b vs New 75bd

May 06, 2016, 07:47
So I got a brand new CZ 75 BD in January.

Just got a holster (had some Amazon gift card money to use up) but my gun won't fit it.

In fact, it stops going in just as the front of the trigger guard starts to get covered.

But this morning on teh way to work I had a "aha!" moment... and thought... could it be that the newest versions of the 75 are using the same frame as a P-01, etc. but without the rail milled into the under side? That is, is the only difference in the profile of the front of the frame the slots milled vs. not?

Anyway, if someone has a 75 B or BD that is a few years old, could you post a pic so I can compare to my 75 BD?


May 07, 2016, 15:06
mine is a BD Police model but i'm sure there is no difference in frames between that and the regular BD.


May 07, 2016, 16:17
with the exception of the decocker lever, externally theres not much difference between the B and BD

you dont say what type of holster it is.

If your holster doesnt fit properly it may not be made right.

just some comments.

> some holsters pinch the trigger guard area as a way to retain the gun. Don't know if yours has that.

i have a Kramer horsehide for my GP100 and thats the way it works. no thumb strap/hammer strap retentions device...ect

May 07, 2016, 19:47
Holster is a Fobus paddle holster, for the 75, 75b, 75bd, 85 and 75d per label on the box. And holster itself is labeled as model CZ-75 -

It is impacting on the slide - if I push more the slide doesn't move relative to holster but the frame does, and if I take the slide off the frame goes in and just just fine, with a little bit of tightness on for the trigger guard (as you said above)

Thanks for the pic masman - looks like we have the same profile (ie, mine isn't blockier, etc)

The "rivets" it is all held together with don't seem to be adjustable...

Oh well. Email off to Fobus Monday. I have the same holster for my 1911, works great for my needs, was looking forward to another happy experience... :(