View Full Version : Zenith Firearms MP5 variants

April 25, 2016, 12:30
So Atlantic has these on sale right now for $201 off their already nice price, so if any y'all have a hankerin' for a licensed HK MP5 copy it may be worth a look. You've been served.


May 04, 2016, 03:02
I have one. I highly recommend them.

May 04, 2016, 15:45
I'm hoping 3rd times the charm for my z-5rs. I bought mine over a month ago from another retailer and had to send it back for a replacement twice.
First time the trigger wouldn't reset reliably and I'd have to push it forward with my finger.
The replacement pistol's front sight was finger loose in its globe.
Hopefully the pistol arriving tomorrow is trouble free!

May 05, 2016, 17:09
Good news! My third attempt at a Z-5RS seems to have paid off. Everything looks and appears to function fine. Now I just need to shoot it. I am very relieved.

May 26, 2016, 21:38
I just picked up a Z-5P model and dumped a bunch of rounds through it for a reliability check. Not one failure so far with all three mags. I'm very impressed and highly recommend this pistol. I've handled actual MP5's before and minus the select fire it seems just as solid.
Take this comment for what it's worth as I'm still new to the forum. I just like bragging about quality when I see it.