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April 16, 2016, 20:27
New to the SIG series of pistols,
today I traded a shot out M1 carbine that I had $500 in for a new Sig P220,
I think I did ok on the deal.

April 17, 2016, 11:27
I have 229, a 320 and hopefully a 938 soon. Love mine

April 17, 2016, 14:49
Big fan of the P6/225 myself.

April 17, 2016, 22:07
Sig P-220 in .45 , Sig P-229 in 9mm , Sig P-226 West German in 9mm, and Sig P-229 in .40 Missed out on a couple of Sig P-228's and still looking. My wife borrowed my P-220 when her Kimber .45 went back to the shop. Her Kimber has been back in the house for the last year or so but my Sig still rides in her purse !

Yes you did good on picking up the Sig P-220. It is a great pistol.

That shot out M-1 Carbine wouldn't of been one of those "Blue Sky" imports form Korea ?
I traded my "Blue Sky" for an excellent condition Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine a few years back before the CMP brought in their Greek return carbines. The barrel would swallow a .30 Carbine bullet up to the brass and it had an ugly light grey re-park job that I never warmed up to. So when I received my CMP Inland carbine the "Blue Sky" got traded away.

April 18, 2016, 09:16
Sigs are like FALs, can't just have one! The P220 is a great start to your habit.

April 18, 2016, 13:32
The P220 is a great pistol. The P226 is the greatest pistol ever made or ever will be made.

I had a Blue Sky Carbine way back when I was a teenager in the early 90's. At the time I did not know anything about checking barrel wear so I have no idea how shot out mine was. It was a good shooter but I traded it away for what would eventually be my first FAL. M1 Carbines are nice collector's pieces (if you have a good one) but they really are not all that practical anymore. The P220 is much more practical.

Retired Bum
April 18, 2016, 17:36
There are five Sigs in the safe at the present time....

1. 1995 made triple serial German P220 .45 ACP.

2. 1995 made German frame/US made slide P229 .357 Sig with a factory .40 S&W barrel.

3. 1986 made triple serial German P226 two tone 9mm Para.

4. 2010 made German frame/US made slide P226 in .22LR.

5. 1996 made Swiss P210-6 9mm Para.

I value them all but the P210-6 is the one that I want to be buried with.

I looked at and handled a new P320 standard model in 9mm recently. Very nice piece but IMHO it won't do anything that I can't do with my Walther PPQ M1 9mm. So I am taking a pass on it.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

April 18, 2016, 20:27
P-220 single action
P-229 factory .357 sig/.40 S&W combo
P-239 9mm
1911 Fastback Carry
P-226 Legion 9mm on the way

Luv 'em!

April 18, 2016, 20:47
Sigs are mighty fine.

April 18, 2016, 20:57
Accurate, lightweight, durable, reliable, feeds all kinda hollow points. What's not to like.

April 18, 2016, 22:19
I collect them a bit

My pride of my collection are my 220

I have all but two of the Caliber that can be found here ..

I have a 9mm a 38 super and the one that sucked to get a 30luger ..

The only one I am missing is a 9mm styer and a 22lr ..The Styer I am not sure if I will ever see here ..I have seen some in Italy and such places were you cant own 9mm ..The 22lr thats on my list

I also need to get some of the BDA guns esp in 38 super ..Mine is a american button not heel gun

I love the old Sigs the old 226 and 228

The only one that bug me was the 232 and the 225 it bit me too much ..So I swaped he 225 out with a 239

Oh and I am eying a sig legion soon

Bawana jim
April 19, 2016, 13:27
Have a Sig European 220. History of it was someone threw it out a car window when running from the cops and I got it some years later with its road rash. Deep gouges in the slide and the lanyard is gone but gun shoots straighter than I do. Abused but still loved because it functions every time and shoots straight.

D P Six
April 19, 2016, 16:35
I have owned Colt 1911's for over 40 years but never felt comfortable with cocked and locked. My first Sig (a 226) acquired this past year solved that problem. I realize what I have been missing.

April 19, 2016, 17:40
Just bought a P938 Nightmare and it is a great little subcompact. Considerably smaller overall than the S&W Shield I have and only one less round in the stock magazine. It is twice the price but I think I am more accurate with the Sig and it is an all metal gun. Quality and craftsmanship are great IMO.