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April 15, 2016, 17:43
I needed a couple of extra magazines for a Star Model SS .380 I've been carrying of late and, have only had the one mag that came with it when purchased. I threw out an innerweb dragnet which resulted in most of the usual places to buy an out of production hand gun magazine but, one caught my eye with NIW Interarms OEM mags for the same price as "like new" used to new Mec-gar after market. When one can find the used OEM, you can expect to pay $20-$30 depending on condition. These were $29.95 ea. and I bought two.

Place my order via the web eta 1600 hrs 13 April and, they shipped that same day, USPS flat rate, track all the way, that arrived at my door for signature today at 1230 hrs. Brand new of old, still on the blister card for me to cut open.

First time buyer from them and, I am just damn impressed, received exactly what I ordered and, wanted fast.



ETA: They actually have seperate categories for "clips" and, "magazines".

April 18, 2016, 16:03
Good to know thanks!