View Full Version : WTK value of cetme kit

March 27, 2016, 21:56
What's the value of a cetme kit with its original barrel on a receiver stub?

March 27, 2016, 23:18
Well, that's a matter of opinion really. Kits can be purchased for $175 with no barrel and new barrels add about $100 or so. I have purchased two kits with original attached barrels for $250 shipped in the last few months. It depends on who and when.

April 17, 2016, 21:36
I've seen a few kits at the shows of late. They were well used, had cut barrels and were $150. By the time you add in the cost of a new barrel, and buy all the semi-auto and replacement conversion parts the cost will rise exponentially.
The HK91/G3/CETME is a difficult rifle to build and there are several critical clearances that must be set (bolt to bolt carrier, cocking tube) in addition to the headspace that is set by choosing the right pair of locking rollers. If you get past this then there is the finish to address. Pointis that its arder to build this rifle than an FAL or AR type of rifle.

April 18, 2016, 15:28
Im selling a newrly new kit, new us barrel, semi converted lower, new wood, several rollers, and bayonet for $450 shipped or make me an offer