View Full Version : Who can thread for rem-chokes?

February 21, 2016, 21:51
I seem to remember that there was someone on the files who could do it, but I can't find the post anymore.
Any recommendations on who I should send my barrel to?
Thank you!

February 21, 2016, 22:50
This shouldn't be a problem. It's a common job for any competent smith. Are their any working smiths in you area ?

February 21, 2016, 23:10
Ed Vandenberg did some thinwall threads for me. Pretty sure he can do RemChoke too.

February 21, 2016, 23:38
I install Rem-Chokes, Win-Chokes and Tru-Chokes.


February 22, 2016, 05:34
Thank you guys, I will pm you tbd59.

March 06, 2016, 01:12
I install Rem-Chokes, Win-Chokes and Tru-Chokes.


What do you charge for a Rem 1100 rifle sighted barrel? Any special problems in the install, return shipping, etc. I need to do mine too. Saw someone on ebay that advertised they did it a while back but... rather use a member too if it's possible.