View Full Version : Dura Coat Dura Blue .....A+

February 19, 2016, 17:13
I just recently tried this product on one of my BFPU rifles that I wanted to get a more even color and tone on. The receiver was really purple and the lower was black. I sprayed over the bluing and the park finishes, then scuffed it up with a scotch bright pad. I was very pleased with the results.
The product is thinner than a paint and doesn't get that build up look as much.
There is Blue, Blue/ Black, and Black/ Black.... I used the Blue.

The product may not work for all projects and is very shiny unless scuffed up. I find its color and tone are very similar to actual bluing and will blend a rifle very nicely. I would use this product again.

Below I painted a PG to give everyone a baseline of the color contrast to a known object we all have... The barrel in the middle is original painted Belgian Black.


Here are some before and after of the same upper.... lower is not.