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February 18, 2016, 19:31
So I got one for my RIA, came with link installed. I'm not a 1911 gunsmith but it dropped in and the slide cycles and goes into battery like it was made for it. What is the right way to assess barrel fit for a 1911?

Visually this barrel seems of very high quality to this low-brow troglodite. I paid $60 plus shipping.


February 19, 2016, 11:02
The muzzle should fit the Bushing tightly or the other way around actually. Some final polishing being necessary to prevent binding.

The top lugs that engage the slide should be a minimum of .050" and have square sides.

There should be very little or no vertical movement of the barrel in battery. A properly sized Slide Stop Pin, Link and Locking Lug fit is needed for this.

The Barrel Hood should have no gaps at the rear and sides and the pistol should go into battery with the rear of the Hood in contact with the face of the Slide.

The bottom of the Barrels chamber face should be about 1/32" from the top forward edge of the feeding ramp with the barrel pushed to the rear.

The above is an ideal for a tightly fitted 1911. In actually use, for everyday 1911's, as long as the barrel fits and the pistol functions with absolute reliability and reasonable accuracy, you're done.

Custom Pistolsmith's charge good money getting "Ole Slabsides" to be accurate and reliable, not to mention sexy-looking. I spend maybe more money than necessary for Barrels, but I like the ones that come with a fitted Bushing, link, and a bit oversized Hood, like the Bar-sto.

For $60, you got off cheap on a 1911 Barrel. Let us know if you are pleased with the accuracy. I have no reason to think it won't work well.

February 28, 2016, 11:22
Buy volume 1 Kuhnhausen manual for the 1911 if you want to learn about the 1911. It'll tell, and show, you how a barrel supposed to fit.

I buy all my Kuhnhausen manuals directly from the source, not any of the big online venues. It helps the small Idaho company.