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January 27, 2016, 15:24
We all know that case preparation for reloading is a timely mind numbing process. Anything we can do to save time and reduce handling is a plus.
I recently purchased a small hobby drill press from Harbor Freight to use with my Synclair case trimmer that uses a base and a cutter mounted in a drill press.
The drill press cost me only $70.00 something with shipping and is a nice small unit that runs true enough for what I wanted it for, the chuck is ok as well.
Problem was the depth gage being made of plastic it bends an unpredictable amount and not repeatable, bummer. I have though about making a depth gage from aluminum to replace the plastic crapola piece but then I found Little Crow's case trimmer on a site named after a small island half way out into the Pacific Ocean of WWII fame.
Got two, one for .308 and one for .223. So far I have only used the one for .308 and pleased with the results. Variation is from 2.007 to 2.009 with an outlier at 2.005 from time to time for a maximum variation of .004 of an inch. Not that great for target perfection but for shooting in a FAL it is good enough for me.
The trimmer uses the case shoulder instead of the case head and full length sizing is highly recommend.
Yeppers it is fast and easy as can be. No clamping required, just shove the case up into the tool as it is turning, rotate the case a little to make sure it cuts evenly and then remove when it stops cutting. A few very small brass shavings escape but I got a plan for that to put a movable sleeve over the outside. As it is I put a small piece of tape over the clean out holes and then use a small shop vacuum to clean it out every twenty or thirty cases. A plate underneath catches the stuff that falls straight down or into the case when I dump it out.
When doing cases by the hundreds or thousands this tool really saves time and effort. Trimming for me has always been the most disliked operation so far but not any more. :)


January 27, 2016, 17:46
I have one for each caliber, once you set it up it's as easy as can be.

What I did was buy a clear plastic storage bin with a lid at Lowe's, probably about a foot long, 8 inches wide, 8 inches deep. I roughly cut out the sides enough I can put my drill in one side and my hand in the other. I flip it on the lid and then do all my trimming inside of that bin so the shavings are contained. When done all I have to do is remove the lid over a trash can and all the shavings fall out. With the clear plastic you can easily see what you are doing while trimming and you don't have shavings flying everywhere.