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January 27, 2016, 08:32
Since the "report this post" function either doesn't work or is completely ignored by the moderator team (begging the question of why it exists), I bring my private questions to public review.

May I put a hyperlink to stuff I'm selling or my website, in my signature line?

I thought that was restricted to site sponsors. But apparently, some animals are more equal than others.

So will the moderators spank those who are selling stuff in their signature lines (here and on the AK files), or is that prohibition over with, and I can start doing it too?

The change will be subtle, but my signature line will become a link.

January 30, 2016, 20:15
GP, in answer to your overall theme, most, if not all, moderators have no way of knowing if a person has gone through the steps of becoming a sponsor. I believe only JEN has that ability and knowledge. And I have seen many times WEG defer to JEN on these matters. So while you pummel us with post reports, we can't act upon them because we don't have the ability to verify the complaint. And I recall WEG saying he doesn't receive all post reports submitted, so JEN may be out of that loop also. I would advise you to address your issues with JEN via PM or email. Her response or lack thereof would be your answer to the questions posed.

Complain about a general membership issue and we can, and most often do, take action to correct the behavior and inform the offender as to what they did wrong.