View Full Version : 1911 GI front sight improvement

January 12, 2016, 17:58
My 1911 GI front sight glares, reflects in day light, kind of fuzzy to see to have a good sight picture to aim. Is there a easy fix without replacing it? I guess I can paint it but don't think that helps much on glare, I can reshape the round sight but not sure if it works better. Do you do anything with it?

January 12, 2016, 18:56
If you mean the little half-round nubbie that service 1911s have, the answer is no. There just isn't anything there to work with that I'm aware of. Those sights used to work sorta OK when I was a young-un, but not now. :sad:

Replace it with a square faced front sight. This will likely require a new higher rear sight too. Brownell's has MGW sight sets for about $35 that fits standard 1911 dovetail slots.
There are boatloads of options for 1911 sights so I would recommend browsing Brownell's site to see what's available. You can keep your 1911A1 configuration for about $40 or you can upgrade to a set of NOVAK Tritiums for around $120 not including installation.

January 19, 2016, 00:37
Put some black oxide on it with a qtip. A little goes a long way.