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December 25, 2015, 12:37
i have a drum that is non-matching and is extremely tight going into the well. is the recommendation to machine down the front plate of the drum?

Also, i am looking for a front sight tool for a PPSH

lastly, any recommendations of a good to go shop where i can send the weapon in so as to give it a make over and make it look brand new?

thank you for your time!
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December 28, 2015, 02:22

December 29, 2015, 11:06
Let me check my garage, I'm fairly sure I have an extra front sight tool. I do have extra drum and stick mags if you're interested!

December 29, 2015, 13:45
Thanks FalDoc! i'll be standing by on that FS tool. would you happen to have a pic of how one should look. i have seen the drawing of one on the ppsh41 combloc posters but have never seen a real one.

December 30, 2015, 19:22
Haven't been able to get into the garage, too much to do with my daughter on her Christmas break. Should be able to get in there tomorrow and I'll let l you know what I find.

January 05, 2016, 19:24
Well, I can't even find the one I know I have. I'll keep looking around, I still have a few bins I haven't been through but I doubt they'd be in there.
Sorry about that.

January 08, 2016, 17:23
Thanks for looking! i'll be standing by.

I was looking at my copy of Gebhardt's ppsh manual and the FS tool looks similar to the AK type. I cannot for the life of me find one on the net!