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December 24, 2015, 08:46
Bought my first Randall in college using textbook money. After registering for classes that round, went on tour of local gun shops, purchased full size lefty then ordered a pair of Curtis E. Lemay's. Had to call home for more money, huge tale told to mom but set tone for future "textbook" funds. Had to go get a campus job to pay for that pair but finished freshman year with four Randall 1911's which may be my top accomplishment for the year.

Just finished an early morning call with guy trying to raise Christmas funds and is in a panic to sell a model A111. Most made variant and Blue Book shows $680.00 in 100% with box and papers. Guy listed on a few sites for 1,300 with one fuzzy picture. Managed to contact and sent some better pics, is local and can lay cash in hand today. Asking price $1,300 negotiable. Believes has rarest of collectible 1911's as just Googled Randall and averaged prices seen. From his pictures would grade pistol under 90%.

Blue Book is $400 at 80% and 90% is $465. Sent link to Blue Book page applicable to Randall's and informed him most definitely a used A11 worth $450 to $500 at best. Since he is in Atlanta and willing to do a FTF offered to drive into the city and lay five crisp $100 bills in his hands. Dude lost his mind so in the spirit of the season and need a range pistol to keep wear off my other Randall's bumped my offer to $550 then $600 cash final offer, said meet in person today at any location, any time of day. Willing to leave house immediately and have cash in his hand before 10:00 am so he could put some Christmas under the tree.

Wish had run recorder on his reply. Have not heard that many curse words combined together into one long single sentence without a pause for a breath in years. Explained calmly if he had a lefty LeMay would be $1,500 to $2,000 range but has most common Randall made, missing box, papers and shows wear. His answer was could be polished up like new. Informed him if did that to subtract $100 from value. Apparently his Dad told him for years this pistol was special and his Dad's misconception over rides fact.

That said, if anyone is ever in mood to sell Randall 1911's at fair price will not low ball unless they ask and can negotiate fair price. Have three that book says "Rarity Precludes Accurate Price Evaluation". Two may be going to new home soon as man wants bad enough and losing interest in two pistols owned since early 1980's and never sent a single round through either. Meant to shoot but came in just before Randall filed bankruptcy and waited to see what happened with values. Kick myself for not shooting some days but now it's just a stupid idea to consider.

December 24, 2015, 12:10
My only experience with Randalls was buying three of their stainless-steel mags from a co-worker, about 9-10 years ago. They were in original packaging and were black in color. I sold one to a member here some time ago. Actually, when I bought the mags, that was the first I had heard of Randall.:uhoh:

December 25, 2015, 08:39

December 25, 2015, 08:42
I have a Randall frame with a Colt slide that was built by a very good friend of mine no longer on this earth. Its street value is probably minimal, but there is not enough money in this world to pry it from my hands.

December 26, 2015, 09:15
Would love to add some proper magazines to the pistols that have gathered missing their originals. They sell on GB in good shape for around $50 and sit without selling for $75 so there is your market. Please take care as many pistols are missing original mags. I look for mags, boxes, rugs that LeMays shipped in and attempt to put entire kits back together.

There is an old single stack IPSC build on GB right now with Randall frame and Colt slide. If able to negotiate fair price intend to put slide on period correct Colt frame have stashed then put all Randall parts in box to match with correct slide when find it. Unfortunately in 1980's I did similar stuff and have a lot of pistols that butchered in the name of sport. Some hope to eventually restore back to original as best possible. At least kept all the internals, safeties and such of Colts I sacrificed. The metal checkering, beavertail fitting and refinishing will never be undone.

Understand your sentimental value. Have several could put back close to original but too many memories attached. Have my best friend's who has passed race gun on 70 series Colt which because he was broke, only has drop in parts so could easily put back original with parts have in stock but will never do so. It's original parts kit is in bag properly labeled if next owner wants an original 70 series with moderate finish wear instead of cobbled up single stack race gun that is a poor example of race gun. Similar to all the Glocks see now with pile of drop in parts that owners spend most time tapping and racking to make run on course. Friend couldn't even reload without messing up. Wounded more deer than anyone else ever met but love him deeply as had beautiful spirit. His wife sold his few nice guns, I took rest at over real value for sentimental reasons and to help her.

December 26, 2015, 10:18

For about a decade was a quarterly Randall Owners Newsletter that went around. Guy on the list had an open $1,000 offer to anyone who could tell him where a particular pistol was. Never told him was in my safety deposit box so urge to shoot it was harder to fulfill. Thought about taking his grand then taunting him by refusing to sell but from seeing how he was, usually parted people with their guns as always able to hit tipping point where you sold. Seemed dumb at time but if still alive he is a grinning fool.

Many of us expected someone to pick the brand back up like kept happening with Detonics. Have some of them from each incarnation. Randall did more to change the semiautomatic pistol market than any other company from the time.

They perfected the first alloy allowing stainless slides on stainless frames. Previous attempts galling would stop pistols from running. Could get steel slide on stainless frame, stainless slide on steel frame or stainless slide on alloy frame but no stainless on stainless.

Also the first all CNC made, CAD/CAM gun design firm. First company to make a true mirror image left hand 1911. Others had tried a myriad of things to make them more ergonomic for southpaws but nobody pulled off a true lefty. Seen as total production was under 10,000 for entire history, finely made guns, people like General LeMay associated with them it amazes me the A111's can still be picked up cheaper than a basic off the shelf new Colt, Kimberly or most any of the clones.

My guess is with Kabooms, parting out for builds, house fires, destruction after used for crime, etc could be less than 9,000 left on planet. If not totally manglefied try to buy all can find under a grand. Do what can to clean up, fix without over fixing or save to use parts in combining old projects into original configurations. Like watching people build SS Camero's from nothing but a Vin plate and fender tag, eventually others will be doing same if want one of the most influential 1911's to come along post John Browning. Look at factory 1911's pre Randall and post Randall. They set up the tidal wave that set the tone for what many of us carry today.

24 models in 12 variations and three calibers in less than two years of operation. Shame they self destructed doing too much R&D but entire 1911 market was taken to next level by their attempt. Plus all their pistols are fine guns. Some day need to scan all the old newsletters, run an OCR so can convert to text and post for historical documentation. Lots of good info not found on Internet in them.

Like all my swap barrel Dan Wesson wheel guns. Mostly unheard of buy gun buying public, under appreciated but trend setters. Was a day either brought a Dan Wesson to your local handgun silhouette match or finished behind the guys who did. Being able to adjust barrel cylinder gap for load or just minimum for competition to reduce distance bullet had to leap from cylinder to forcing cone was huge advantage. Also being able to adjust tension on barrel with nut at muzzle holding barrel and shroud together allowed tuning barrel harmonics though most of us (me especially) didn't understand the engineering and physics behind that part a torque wrench adapted to the task and some adjustment would sometimes close your 200 yard groups by a couple inches or more.

Shame IHMSA has all but fallen off the planet. Shooting gallina, javalli, guajalote and borrego with high powered wheel guns from Creedmoor position with blast pads on calf of leg was a true sport that taught long range pistol marksmanship. On occasion will be shooting at a range or with group of folks that don't know me and when snake out a Dan Wesson 744VH or more modern 454 Casull and lay on shooting pad with knees bent, feet pointing toward target and rest gun against thigh and calf get some odd looks. But when the steel starts going clang have a lot start asking questions and wanting to borrow my blast pad so can try themselves. Amazing how 99% of shooters encounter have never seen anyone shoot from Creedmoor position. But the proof is in the pudding and when the steel they are missing with rifles starts falling to my big wheel guns they suddenly get interested. Have to give a history lesson to inform them I didn't invent the odd way of launching handgun rounds.

Bet an AR pistol with SIG Brace would shoot good from Creedmoore stance, may have to try that. Would put you in low profile defensive position while allowing accurate fire. Guess that AR pistol have not finished yet now has a purpose and reason to get back on project. Just now to decide caliber and get the barrel and see how the AR pistol boys at range take to someone actually putting rounds on target at distance without a rest on bench.

December 26, 2015, 22:25
A friend of mine has one, but is missing the rear sight. Where would he get a factory style one? His dad got it and it was always missing it as long as he can remember.

December 29, 2015, 21:36
According to model. They used a lot. If basic model a machinist can knock out a reasonable copy most won't notice unless a freak like me.

December 29, 2015, 23:16
According to model. They used a lot. If basic model a machinist can knock out a reasonable copy most won't notice unless a freak like me.

Dang Huey. One line? You had to be in a big hurry brother! :biggrin: