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December 16, 2015, 01:06
I bought some N.O.S. M1A 20rd magazines, I will get pics up later. They are in plastic bags and have little paper tags Made in China. Now how can you tell if they are Polytech or just some generic Chinese M14 magazines? Has anyone ever heard of a generic Chinese M14 magazine ?Does anyone know what they would sell for if they are original Polytech.

December 16, 2015, 08:32
sounds like run of the mill chinese, they work ok, never had 1 fail. they made millons im sure. as far as being polytech, they never had any markings that would id them that i know of.

December 16, 2015, 09:05
I bought lots of Chinese & Taiwan made M14 mags back in the day (late 80's-early 90's) from a few different importers. I dont remember any of them being marked or packaged in any way, though some of the later ones had the 'China' stickers on them.

December 16, 2015, 10:18
All Polytech mags I bought in the early 90's were in plastic bags and were covered in cosmoline, in and out. After cleaning they were a light/medium grey parked finish. Type 57 mags from Taiwan were blued.

Here's a Polytech. Notice the placement of the 5 spot welds on the rear mag catch and the welds on the face. 12 in a line and 3 around the spring guide catch hole.

And yes ,it is loaded with Chinese copper washed steel case. Shoots great and still have a few cases put away..:biggrin:

What are they worth? Most M1a owners don't want nothing to do with Chinese. That being said, Poly and Norinco owners know better. All the Chinese mags I use have never failed me in any M1a I ever shot. I'ved even used the new Koren without a problem, those are about $13.00. New CMI mags are around $20.00. If you plan on selling them, ask what you think their worth and see what happens. You can't ever tell whats gonna happen in this marketplace. I've seen some mags sell for $25 one day and not sell for $15 the next.

December 16, 2015, 13:35
Thanks everyone . :bow: Hardass pics confirmed it

December 18, 2015, 08:00
Dad got some of those in the late '80s or early 1990s. I remember removing the cosmoline, and was surprised by the light grey park. Now that I'm older and can fire the M14, they are my favorite mags. Never had any trouble with them, wish we had more.

December 18, 2015, 09:00
If those are 'Polytech' mags, how are other Chinese mags different ?

Because I got curious and took a random sampling look at the ones I have stored NOS (a 15gal tupperware full, maybe about 100 +/-)
I bought them from different distributors at different times, in like 12-20 mag lots, but every one I looked at seems to have all the same identical 'Polytech' features.

FYI, if that Chinese copper washed shoots 'great' for you, you seem blessed.
I still have a few cans stashed away, but I never could get any of it to shoot worth a hoot in either of my poly M14's or my one norinco (6"+ at 100yds) and I wont use it at all in any of my match M14's.
I also have a complete poly barrel/piston/op rod/bolt assembly off a customers rifle, thats heavily pitted right through the chrome and so bad that light barely makes it through,,,The effect of shooting a bunch of that ammo, sticking it in a case and not looking at it for a few months....I had to beat the bolt open with a mallet when he first brought it in.

Cheers, YV