View Full Version : Glock 40 10mm

December 13, 2015, 19:20
Thinking about getting a Glock 40.
Wanted a hunting/winter carry pistol.
Anyone have any experience with one?

December 13, 2015, 19:51
You can shoot full power 10mm through it unlike some other 10mm pistols out there.

Plus the number of rounds in the magazine, makes for a good hunting/hiking companion where big critters may roam.

I have a Dan Wesson RZ10 that the brass shows signs of overpressure with Underwood ammo. My Glock 20 eats it like candy all day long.

I don't particularly like Glocks but I kept this one!

December 13, 2015, 19:53
just got mine last week..put several mags through it already from different manufacturers and hand loads see below.
180g noslers
200g xtp
200 rnfp copper jacket
180g federal
180g ppu HP
Buffalo bore 180 hp
Shot every load from mild( fed,ppu) to smoking (buff bore and my loads)...ran like a sewing machine!!! Gotta tell you, I love it!...hitting steels at 25-50 yards is easy...haven't shot it for accuracy just banged some steels..this would make a good hunting handgun. Gonna shoot some bulleye targets next week for accuracy....and it fits my glock 21 holster..bonus

December 13, 2015, 20:36
Sounds like a beast. The video reviews say the recoil
is way less than the 20.
I am thinking about putting a holo sight on it too.

December 13, 2015, 22:29
Recoil isn't bad at all..you definitely know when you are shooting buffalo bore..;)
It comes with like 5 different plates for a sight..like different heights. .didn't pay attention cause I'm an iron sight guy